Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together...

Greetings blog people. Short and sweet this week as I've created a link to my Ironman Austria Race Report. Suffice to say:

Job Done.


You can read all about it here: Jevon's Ironman Report

Thank you for all your support through the year. To Fiona, Erin, Alice, all my family, friends, Tri Talkers, Team MK mates, training partners, Mark K my coach et al.

We'll be back next week with a relatively normal service and hopefully some photos.

In the meantime, there's one of us all in Austria after Alice had placed 9th in her Ironkids triathlon.



Tom said...

Brilliant work mate!

From the start of your training to crossing the finish line you got pretty much everything as close to perfect as possible.

Watching you execute the perfect race on Sunday was an absolute inspiration.

Well done on achieving several extremely challenging goals... sub 11 ironman, sub 4 marathon and plenty of quality time along the way with friends and family!

Speak soon,


p.s. must have been that perfect taper ;)

Jevon said...

Thanks mate. For what it's worth... it was you that was equally as inspiring to me through the months of hard training. Watching your dedication and resolution was awesome.
All we have to do is do it all again.
Let's get together soon before training gets serious again !!!
PS... yep, your taper comments made the difference I think :-)

Colin said...

Am loving this mutual appreciation!

Jevon said...

And I love the fact that you love the mutual appreciation...

'Arper said...

'ello son, bloody well done! Never had any doubt. Ripping race report.

I am in poetic mood again, so here are a few words to sum up your achievement.

Now Big J has finished his race,
Having suffered a smack in the face,
But you just can't poo-poo,
A ten forty two,
And a german guy sunk without trace

I know I should be doing it for a living but you know...

Will ring later.

Jevon said...

awesome... your talents are wasted, matey...

Andy said...

It was great to follow your progress on the Ironman website from a cold and wet New Zealand. Well done on executing the plan to such perfection. Whats next - 10h 15m in Germany ?
The swim leg sounded a bit like the first 10m of some of your rugby matches - always get the retaliation in first !!