Monday, May 21, 2007

Hip Injury update

No running last week and no reaction to anything I've been doing (swim or bike). Which I guess is good. Frustrating not running though.

Training Monday May 14th - Sunday May 20th

Monday May 14th - Recovery from New Forest Tri Hip injury
Tuesday May 15th - 45 mins swim (2km) 1 hour bike (Turbo trainer)
Weds May 16th - 45 mins swim (2km) 1 hour bike (Turbo trainer)
Thurs May 17th - 45 mins swim (2km), 4 hours 22 mins bike (80 miles)
Fri May 18th - 45 mins swim (2km)
Sat May 19th - Trip to Holland no training
Sun May 20th - Trip to Holland no training

totals this week

Swim - 3 hours
Bike - 6 hours 22 mins
run - 0 mins

Total training this week 9 hours 22 mins

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hip Problem update - trochanteric bursitis

Well, that's the diagnosis from Will, my sports injury guru. It's not particularly good seven weeks before an IronMan but I've faced bigger challenges than this.

Check it out here:

So: NO RUNNING for at least 2/3 weeks. Looks like I'll be caneing the bike and swim !!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hip/Glute problem

We have a serious problem here. The pain when I'm running is huge. I only keep going as I know it's not a pulled muscle. The problem seems to be coming from my hip joint and radiating out to the glute muscles. It's much much worse going up an incline and eases coming down hill. I can only describe it as feeling like an acute pulled muscle and 'inflamed' pain in the hip. Lord alone knows what it is but it's a real problem, turning what should be my strongest discipline into one I can barely get through.

New Forest Triathlon

So... my first real triathlon (excluding a spring last year). Really enjoyed it despite filthy weather and a tough course. Here are plus and minus points:


Slower than I thought but felt comfortable throughout (1.1k). Coped well with the mass start and wasn't phased by jostling etc.

Transition 1

Took this slow but still forgot to put on my Garmin !! Will need to speed this up for shorter tri's but for IronMan the kind of time I took will be okay.


Very positive. The strongest part of my day. Felt fast and in control. Comfortable throughout. Used the tri bars more than ever before - get more comfortable on them day by day. Used gears well and passed many more than passed me. Visibility very difficult in my glassess which were steaming up and covered in rain. Coped okay though.

Transition 2

The easiest transition. No real problems but could do with elastic laces in my running shoes.


Suffered on this due to my glute/hip problem - see separate post. Without this problem I felt comfortable and in control of my run. Cruising really and could go faster but wanted to keep it at Iron Man pace.


Comfortable Tri experience with many positives.

Most positive experience - strength on the bike
Most negative experience - recurring problem in hip/glute
Thing I need to work on most - taking on nutrition on the bike. This is a weak point that needs my attention. I become carried away in working the bike and neglect nutrition. Okay in an olympic distance but could be disastrous in IronMan.

Training Monday May 7th - Sunday May 13th

Monday May 7th - 45 mins O/w swim
Tuesday May 8th - 45 mins swim, 60 mins bike
Weds May 9th - 60 mins bike
Thurs May 10th - Day Off
Fri May 11th - 1 hour 20 mins run
Sat May 12th - 1 hour bike
Sun May 13th - 2 hours 10 mins Triathlon


1 hr 30 mins swim
3 hours bike
1 hour 20 run
2 hours 10 mins triathlon

Total this week 8 hours

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Training Monday April 30th - Sunday May 6th

Monday April 30th - 1 hr 15 mins open water swim (4km)
Tuesday May 1st - 45 mins 10k run
Weds May 2nd - Injured and cold
Thurs May 3rd - Injured and cold
Friday May 4th - Injured and cold
Saturday May 5th - 6 hour bike ride ( 102 miles), 15 minute run
Sunday May 6th - 30 minute run

Open water swimming gave me a bad cold this week. Am going to see if a nose clip will help.

Good bike ride though on the saturday.

Totals for the week

swim - 1 hr 15 mins
Bike - 6 hours
Run - 90 mins

total for week 8 hours 45 mins