Monday, January 29, 2007

Hill climbing cycling tips please

I need simple, easy to digest tips on how to approach hill climbing. I have the stamina and the will power - just don't have the technique yet. So... Mark K., Daddy, Colin B., Andy F. and Richard M... plus anyone who's reading this... please leave me some pointers and I'll go about implementing them. I'm thinking particularly of gearing and pedalling... standing up vs. sitting down... go on, throw it at me... I've got a big brain.

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HHH - The Harp Hilly Hundred

Did my first group bike ride yesterday. A very hilly course of just over 100 kms around Bucks and Herts. Learnt a lot on how to ride in a pack and also how I need to work on my hill climbing. But really enjoyed the ride - finished in 4 hrs 15 mins and never stopped on any of the hills, so the willpower is there! Also my nutrition was much better than the previous week. Had porridge and isotonic drinks prior to setting off and sipped water and ate two power bars en route.
Legs feel tired but strong today.

Training Monday 22nd Jan - Sunday28th Jan

Monday 22nd Jan - 60 mins swim (2.3km), 45 mins run ( 10km)
Tuesday 23rd Jan - 60 mins bike (TT, 20 miles)
Weds 24th Jan - 45 mins swim (1.8 km)
Thurs 25th Jan - Day Off
Fri 26th Jan - 45 mins swim (2 km)
Sat 27th Jan - 2 hrs Run (14 miles off road)
Sun 28th Jan - 4 hrs 15 Cycle (65 miles)

2 hrs 30 mins swim - 6.1 kms
5 hrs 15 bike - 136 kms
2 hrs 45 mins run - 32.4 kms

10 hrs 30 mins total training

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slightly Glum

Just a bit fed up of having this back pain and achilles nagging. Feel like I'm battling all the time. Am going to religiously incorporate stretching into my deily regime, along with the core work (both of which have long been recommended by Will but I've managed to avoid doing). I want to shake off this physical malaise which is curtailing my training. Light week this week due to this.

Monday, January 22, 2007

80 mile bike ride

Okay, here's my first impressions of my longest bike ride yet - 80 miles - which I did on Saturday.

Learned a lot about hydration and nutrition on this ride... I underestimated what I needed and consequently came up short... here's how it went:

Set off aiming to do at least 50 but pretty soon decided I wanted to go for 70. Kept on country roads in an area I knew for the first 25 miles and sipped from water bottle. At 35 miles I took a short break and ate my banana and finished off my second water bottle.

Much of the next 20 miles was brutal... on 'A' roads, cycling uphill with wind in my face. But I was determined to go on even though I turned off onto a quieter 'B' road at one time (bloody road brought me back to the 'A' road again though!). Sometimes I was cycling at 11 miles an hour and was nearly in tears. Anyway, got through that and turned to Aylesbury from Bicester. Noticed I was beginning to feel light headed and dizzy and took it steady, taking in as much oxygen as I could. I was aiming to stop in Waddesden and JUST made it, having to stop on the hill and recover (I think I officially "bonked"). Had a rest though at the local shop, consuming a double mars bar and two bottles of lucozade sport and was on my way again. This happened at 56 miles.

Felt fine for the next 24 miles as I came on home.

Followed up by an immediate run (5k), trying to run at IronMan pace (9 min miles) but first mile was under 8 mins, last two were slower, probably 8 minute 20 secs. Not too worried about run pace at the moment though, just to get used to running after cycling.

Lots to report about the ride itself. Back and neck were very stiff which worked its way to my arms. Eased slightly as I stretched on the ride. Fingers were tingling at times as I was in the crouch position for a long time, down in the drops... I figured that was due to my hands clenching round the bars and gravity working against my blood flow, so I changed postion on the bars and that helped.

Saddle positon very uncomfortable... need much more saddle time to get used to this. No chaffing but just very sore after 45 miles or so... relieved it by standing but again, I guess I'll get used to this.

Mood was fine throughout the ride... apart from the grim 'wind in my face' part - but otherwise I was upbeat and focussed. I enjoyed the ride so that's good. The experience was invaluable and I'm looking forward to attacking a similar distance with better nutrition and preparation.

Afterwards I felt pretty good... recovered with a hot bath and plenty of food. Very tired in the evening which meant I couldn't sleep as well as I'd like (same as when I run marathons). Sunday was fine. Minimal stiffness and slept well that night. Monday has brought a sore back and general mental fatigue so I'm thinking of taking a day off... may do some kind of recovery swim.

What did I learn? Well, I learned I can almost certainly cycle for 112 miles. But not on a litre of water and a banana!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Training Monday 15th Jan - Sunday 21st Jan

Monday 15th Jan - 60 mins swim (2 km), 60 mins run (10 k approx)
Tuesday 16th Jan - 60 mins bike (TT - approx 32km)
Weds 17th Jan - 45 mins swim (2 km), 65 mins run (15k approx)
Thurs 18th Jan - day off
Friday 19th Jan - nothing today... working too hard...
Saturday 20th Jan - 5 hour, 80 mile bike ride, 24 minute, 3 mile run (5 km)
Sunday 21st Jan - easy 9k run - 45 mins

Pleased with the amount of training given how hard the work week was. Also got the experience of the long bike ride... and what an experience !!!


635 mins or 10 hours 35 mins total training time

Swim - 105 mins, 4 km
Bike - 360 mins, 160 km (approx)
Run - 194 mins, 39 km (approx

Achilles injury update

Hey Will
Good news. I felt I should run after a week off so on monday I did one hour run around the village green... just nice and gentle... feeling out the injury. It was stiff and sore at first but the discomfort got now worse so I carried on. It seemed to ease. I iced it afterwards and the next day there were no ill effects... a little stiff but certainly nowhere near as chronic as previously.
On wednesday I went out on road and did a 65 minute marathon pace run of 15k or so. I concentrated on my foot feeling balanced and flat as it hit the floor (to counter any possible pronation). Good result again...
Looks like the boy could be back in the game.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Transport to Austria IM...

Okay... flights booked (Ryanair from Stansted) travelling 5th July and returning 10th July. Hotel is booked

Even booked my bike on a service out to Austria and back with Simon Proctor's service.

Simon seems a cool guy and it's a weight off my mind to have the bike taken over and back by a qualified mechanic... it will also be good to hook up with someone in Austria.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Turbo Trainer up and Running... or rather, cycling...

Got the Turbo fixed at Phil Corley Cycles... link on the left, below... thanks guys... great service. It's now working fine and is great. Has opened up the possibility of cycle training any time of the day or night. Oh joy.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Training Monday 8th Jan - Sunday 14th Jan

Can't run at the moment due to achilles injury. Sporadic bike due to weather and lack of turbo trainer!

Mon Jan 8th - 60 mins swim (2.4 km)
Tues Jan 9th - 60 mins swim (1.8 km)
Weds Jan 10th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY XXXX - 60 mins swim (2 km), 60 mins bike (TT)
Thurs Jan 11th - 60 mins swim (2 km), 60 mins bike (TT)
Fri Jan 12th - Day Off
Sat Jan 13th - 2 hrs 40 mins bike (67.2km), 20 mins run - BACK2BACK
Sun Jan 14th - 45 mins bike (16km) , 70 mins swim (3km)

Swim - 5 hrs 10 mins swim, 11.2 km)
Bike - 5 hrs 25 mins bike, (73.2 km plus 2 hrs turbo at approx 32km ph = 137 km)
Run - 20 mins (approx 5k)

Run v. gentle due to ongoing achilles injury

10 hrs 55 mins total training

Bike Turbo Trainer

Picked up my Tacx turbo trainer for the bike which allows me to cycle inside through winter. Plus a spare wheel, block for the front wheel, yadda yadda yadda - wouldn't be Triathlon would it if things were cheap!!
Anyway. needless to say it's not working properly. I need my spare back wheel altering. I think once I'm up and running that it will be a great gizmo.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Acute Achilles Injury

Picked up a recurrance of an old achilles injury yesterday on the run. Achilles tendon on my left leg flared up and is extremely painful. Went to see Will (sports injuries) Tullet today and also swam and biked, so injury seems to be limited to running. No running for a while. Watch this space.