Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hit and Run

Well... it happened and I lived to tell the tale.

Tuesday 27th March - I was out on my bike in Little Gaddesden and was deliberately hit and knocked over by a car from behind. A witness said they saw them readying to push me over then the car swung to the left and side swiped me as it passed.

I crashed inwards, into the road and fortunately the car behind was able to stop. Injuries are a badly gashed elbow, and various contusions and swellings on my right leg and knee.

Could have been a gonner.

What can you say about someone who does that (they speeded off into the distance, cheering). Nothing really. Just thank goodness your alive, okay and hope to resume IM training at the earliest opportunity.

Bike is in Phil Corley cycles in intensive care. Will report back on its condition.

Hey ho...

Training Monday March 19th - Sunday March 25th

Monday 19th - 45 mins swim (1.8k), 1 hr 21 mins run
Tues 20th - 45 mins swim (2.4k), 35 mins bike (turbo trainer) 25 mins run
Weds 21st - 45 mins swim (2.4k)
Thurs 22nd - Day Off
Fri 23rd - 30 mins swim (1.5k), 1 hour bike (turbo trainer), 1 hour run (training session with Mark K)
Sat 24th - 3 hrs 30 mins bike (60 miles), 45 mins run (6 miles)
Sun 25th - 1 hr run gentle jog

Totals this week

swim 2 hrs 45 mins
bike 5 hrs 05 mins
run 4 hrs 31 mins

total training 12 hrs 21 mins

Monday, March 19, 2007

112 mile bike ride

Set out on Saturday morning at 0630 with the aim of completing 100 miles in the saddle - my previous long distance was 85 miles.

Despite windy conditions and the loneliness of the long distance cyclist, I got through 100 miles in 5 hrs and 39 mins (including all stops, traffic lights, junctions etc) which I was really pleased with. Rounded it off to 112 miles (IronMan distance) in 6 hrs 19 mins.

Very satisfied. Felt good but a bloody long time to be in the saddle !

Got my nutrition pretty much right on. Got through a power bar every hour plus around 450 ml of fluid. Will almost certainly need slightly more than that on race day but it's given me a good indication of what I need to achieve !

Think I'll be faster in summer, in a race environment on roads closed to traffic and (hopefully) wind free.

We shall see !!!

Training Monday 12th March - Sunday 18th March

Monday 12th - 45(9. mins swim (1.8k)
Tuesday 13th - 45 mins swim (2.1k)
Weds 14th - 45 mins swim (2.4k), 2 hrs 15 mins bike (37 miles), 1 hrs 21 mins run (9.16 miles)
Thurs 15th - Day Off
Fri 16th - 45 mins swim (2.4 km)
Sat 17th - 6 hrs 19 mins bike (121 miles)
Sun 18th - Day Off

3 hrs swim (8.7km)
8 hrs 34 mins bike (158 miles)
1 hr 21 mins run (9.16 miles)

Total Training - 12 hrs 55 mins

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wetsuit a comin'

Got measured up for my Snugg custom fit wetsuit yesterday at TriSports in Letchworth. Great shop, great service - can't recommmend highly enough. See them in the links section.

Should be four weeks until it's ready. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Info on Back Pain for Will and Kathryn

this appears in this month's 220 Triathlon Magazine and I'm pretty sure it describes exactly my back problem:

" Lower back pain in both swimmers and triathletes is caused by repetitive stress, particularly if you fail to roll your body as a whole unit while swimming. This failiure to roll correctly creates torsional strain at the point where the lumbar spine meets your pelvis. Poor body roll may mean that you arch your back to clear your head from the water, leading to stress on the facet joints at the back of your spine.
If you've developed excessively tight hip flexor muscles, you may have reduced your ability to fully extend your hip during kicking. This tends to tilt your pelvis in a way that over-arches the small of your back. Again, this can overload the facet joints, causing pain...
Poor core stability and weak gluteal muscles are also contributing factors, and it's important to consider making stability exercises, or pilates-based exercises, a part of your regular training "

Will maybe we can discuss this when I see you on the 19th. I'm thinking I'll need a massage then and we can maybe do some exercises to loosen off my right hip? Maybe you could point Kathryn in the direction of this article when she returns?

Since seeing her I felt completely cured, then started doing more swimming and the problem has returned. At least we seem to be narrowing it down !!



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Increased Swim Reps

I'm increasing my swim reps to 300m. So am aiming to go from 10 x 200m reps, four times a week to at least 8 x 300m reps which would increase my weekly distance to nearly 10,000 metres per week.

Training Monday 5th March - Sunday 11th March

Suffering early in the week from a sore left achilles tendon (from the long bike ride). Seems okay now though.

Monday 5th March - 45 mins swim, 47 mins run (recovery - 5.7 miles))
Tuesday 6th March - 45 mins swim, 1 hr 25 mins bike (gentle recovery - 23 miles)
Weds 7th March - 45 mins swim, (no run due to aching achilles)
Thurs 8th March - Day off
Fri 9th March - 40 mins swim
Sat 10th March - 2 hrs 30 mins bike (43.5 miles)
Sun 11th March - 2 hrs 40 mins run (20.12 miles - including water stops)

Total Swim - 2 hrs 55 mins
Total Bike - 3 hrs 55 mins
Total Run - 3 hrs 27 mins

Total training - 10 hrs 17 mins

Less time on the bike this week due to long bike ride previous weekend. Also needed to get a long run in to prepare for imminent London Marathon.

Touched by the hand of Kathryn Volker



until next time...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Training Mon Feb 26th - Sun March 4th

Mon Feb 26th - 45 mins swim (2km), 45 mins run
Tues Feb 27th - 45 mins swim (2km), 45 mins bike
Weds Feb 28th - 30 mins swim (1.6km) 80 mins run
Thurs March 1st - Day Off ( 2 hours sleep in afternoon !!)
Fri March 2nd - BACK2BACK - 45 mins swim (2.4km), 90 mins bike (42km), 45 mins run (10km)
Sat March 3rd - 1 hr 45 mins off road run (Dunstable Downs etc) approx 16 km
Sun March 4th - 3 hrs 33 mins bike (100 km +)

Swim - 2 hrs 45 mins
Bike - 6 hrs 08 mins
Run - 4 hours 35 mins

Total training time - 13 hours 28 mins

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Back Injury Update

Back injury seems to be on the decline after a "laying on of hands" by my chiropractor Dr Kathryn Volker... two sessions this week and another next week. Hopefully I'll get it under control.

Will - make sure Kathryn gives you that hip rotation exercise for our sessions.