Monday, April 30, 2007

Training Monday April 23rd - Sunday April 29th

Monday April 23rd - 1 hour open water swim
Tuesday April 24th - 45 mins pool swim, 45 mins run
Weds April 25th - Day off
Thursday April 26th - 1 hour 20 mins bike (constantly in 12th gear), 25 mins weights and core
Friday April 27th - 45 mins swim
Saturday April 28th - Golf
Sunday April 29th - Golf


Swim - 2 hrs 30 mins
Bike - 1 hr 20 mins
Run - 45 mins
Weights/Core - 25 mins

Total this week - 4 hours 55 mins

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Training Monday 16th - Sunday 22nd April

Watched it this week due to upcoming London Marathon...

Monday 16th April - 45 mins swim (open water 2km), 65 mins bike
Tuesday 17th April - 45 mins run, 60 mins bike
Weds 18th April - 90 mins bike, 45 mins weights and core
Thurs 19th April - Day off
Fri 20th April - 30 mins swim (pool)
Sat 21st April - 75 mins bike
Sun 22nd April - 4 hours run


Swim - 1 hour 15 mins
Bike - 5 hours
Run - 4 hours 45
Weights/Core - 45 mins

Total for this week - 11 hours 45 mins

London Marathon

The race went well. Managed to slow it right down and run a first half marathon in 1:52 and increase the pace in the second half for a 1:46 half marathon.
So, that's a negative split achieved and also a decent time in the roasting conditions of the London Marathon.
Was back the next day with a 3km lake swim. Remember after Amsterdam Marathon being totally exhausted for a week.
Pleased I was able to stick to my plan when every muscle in my body was screaming at me to run faster.
Great feeling in the last 10k, hammering past thousands of runners !!!

Marathon time 3:38 mins

Thursday, April 19, 2007

London Marathon this Sunday

So, my coach has given me a carb loading diet for 3 days that I'm on now. Seems fine so far.

Also - he's told me to run 3:45 which means I should be able to enjoy the marathon. I think I'm going to take the opportunity to try and run a negative split so I'll run the first half in 1:53 and the second in 1:52 or faster if I'm able to stretch my legs a bit.

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Training Monday 9th - Sunday 15th April

Monday 9th April - Easter Monday - no training
Tuesday 10th April - 1 hr 40 mins off road run
Weds 11th April - 40 mins bike, 45 mins run (Brick)
Thurs 12th April - 65 mins run, 30 mins swim
Fri 13th April - Day Off
Sat 14th April - 6 hours bike ride (100 miles), 20 minutes run (3 miles)
Sunday 15th April - 30 mins recovery swim


Swim - 1 hour
Bike - 6 hours 40 mins
Run - 3 hours 50 mins

Total training for week - 11 hours 20 mins

Friday, April 13, 2007

Open Water Swimming


I've seen the light. I have been converted. Went open water swimming for the first time last night at a quarry in Pitstone.


I loved it. Swam strong and well and the wetsuit I'd picked up the other day (my SNUGG, made to measure) felt perfect.

It's an amazing feeling of bouyancy in the wetsuit and one tends to skim across the water with greater ease than in a pool.

We're aiming to go every monday evening (never open water swim alone) which should be a hoot.

I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Injuries update

Still recovering from the bike incident.
Unable to swim until now as cuts have been healing but am open water swimming for the first time tonight.
Back to running and I'm optimistic about making London Marathon in decent shape.
Ran 19k on Monday and 9.5k last night with only stiffening.
Fingers crossed I'm through the worst of the lay off and can launch into the final couple of months with renewed vigour and focus.

Training Monday April 2nd - Sunday April 8th

Late with this as it's been easter and I've not been doing too much training!!!

Anyway, for what it's worth

Monday April 2nd - Working in london, no training
Tuesday April 3rd - 1 hour core/ weights, 1 hour bike (TT)
Weds April 4th - 1 hour core/weights, 1 hour bike (TT)
Thurs April 5th - 2 hrs 30 mins bike, 20 mins jogging
Fri April 6th - day off
Sat April 7th - 2 hrs bike
Sun April 8th - no training

Weekly totals

Swim - 0 hours
Bike - 6 hrs 30 mins
Run - 20 mins
Core/Weights - 2 hours

Total for the weeek

8 hours 50 mins

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Training Monday March 26th - Sunday April 1st

Truncated by being knocked off my bike on Tuesday !

Mon Mar 26th - 45 mins swim, 45 mins run
Tues Mar 27th - 45 mins swim, 45 mins bike
Weds Mar 28th - injured
Thurs Mar 29th - injured/day off
Fri Mar 30th - 1 hour core and weights
Sat Mar 31st - 2 hours 25 mins, 40 miles
Sun Apr 1st - 1 hour 10 mins run, 8 miles off road

Totals this week

Swim - 1 hr 30 mins
Bike - 3 hrs 10 mins
Run - 1 hr 55 mins
Core/Weights - 1 hour

Total training this week - 7 hrs 35 mins