Thursday, September 28, 2006


The good news is that the injuries seem to be subsiding. My groin strain is but a dull ache though I continue to ice and take ice baths after long exercise. My knee seems to have settled down now and is rarely swollen though the instability continues when tired.

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First Triatlon - Roade Sprint Tri

Okay. I guess you have to pop your cherry in all walks of life and "tri" is no exception. Took part in my first full triatlon at Roade School in Northampton. It comprised a 414m pool swim, a 20k bike ride and a 5k run.

Splits were (approx)

Swim - 8.27
Bike - 38 mins plus
Run - 20 mins (very muddy and off road)

Total time was 1 hour 07 minutes dead.

REALLY enjoyed the event. Friendly, relaxed and fun. Pushed hard in the bike and felt this could be my strongest event. Placed 90th out of over well over 400. Not so bad for a vetran newbie.

Weather was wet... especially in the pool.

Training Friday 15th Sept - Sunday 24th Sept

Training curtailed due to pressures of work... but anyway...

Friday 15th - Back2Back session 55 minutes cycling, 20 minutes running.
Saturday 16th - 30 minutes swimming, 90 minutes cycling, 15 minutes running.
Sunday 17th - 20 mile run at marathon pace (160 mins)
Monday 18th - Day off. Knackered from run.
Tuesday 19th - Swim 30 minutes, Bike 45 minutes
Wednesday 20th - 1 hour run, Swim 20 minutes
Thursday 21st - Day off (scheduled)
Friday 22nd - Nothing Today
Saturday 23rd - 30 minutes Swim, 90 minutes Bike, 15 minutes run
Sunday 24th - Roade Triathlon - See separate Post !

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Will - Knee Injury

Hey, Will
I'm going to drop that knee information in. Meantime, I can be a little more specific about the knee.

What seems to be happening is that I notice the jarring pain when the leg is tired. It was very apparent on Sunday's long run after Saturday's long bike and both on Tuesday and Wednesday when my legs would have been tired after swimming and cycling respectively.

The feeling is that the brain can't adjust the leg to the sudden change in any ground height. This is particularly apparent when off-road, for obvious reasons (the ground height varies a lot more) but also when on road... dropping up or down from kerbs, hitting a hill etc.

Sometimes when I'm going up hill there's a pain in an area which appears to be above or behind my patella but that can ease once I'm into my stride.

I think also that the leg is "turning" slightly. When I can remember to I adjust my running style so that my right foot lands parallel with my left. Obviously it should do this naturally, but tends to "wander" outwards when the leg is "tired".

I think I need to keep up the strengthening exercises and any others we might think of.

I'll get Roade tri done (Sunday 24th) and try to see you the following week.

Good news is that the groin pain appears to be subsiding and is now reduced to a dull ache following extensive exercise. I am, of course, icing and treating it as we discussed.


Training Friday 8th September - Thursday 14th September

Friday 8th - First Back2Back session. 1 hour bike followed by 20 minute run. Felt good and ran sub 7 minute miles for 3.5 miles.
Saturday 9th - 2 hour Long Bike. 36 miles through country roads. Used higher wheel and increased leg resistance.
Sunday 10th - 90 minute run off road through Beacons. Hot and hard. Legs felt dead. Toughed it out.
Monday 11th - 45 minute swim (usual drills and distances). 70 minute bike.
Tuesday 12th - Back2Back, 45 minute swim (usual drills and distances) followed by 45 minute road run. Felt good and strong. Tri suit also felt good on first time use in pool.
Wednesday 13th - 45 minute bike. High cadence, small ring. 1 hr 25 mins off road run with Tring Running Club.
Thursday 14th - Day Off.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Team O'Neill - Another Brick in The Wall

Of course... how could I forget my brother, Sean, who will be with me every step of the way on the big day in July. Sean will be my batman, my very own Sherpa Tenzing, my Fannie (if I were Jonny Cradock, of course).
Seriously, we'll be travelling to Austria together and he'll be my support mechanism, ensuring all goes smoothly and, if it doesn't, that I'm not left 50 miles from someplace I don't know that well with a puncture and a failing ticker.
A fine athlete in his own right, he completed his first marathon last year and is running the Amsterdam Half whilst I do the marathon on Oct 15th.
Rumour has it he also manages to hold down a reasonably important job in the international business community.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Couple of things for Will

Will, I will post the knee injury details that I have from my GP. You should get these in a couple of days. Let me know if we need to speak when you've seen them.
Also - after ice bath following exercise, should I then be going into a hot shower to wash, or should I do everything in the cold environment?

Training Schedule Friday 31st August - Thursday 7th September

Friday 31st - 80 minutes early morning cycle. Sports injury meet with Will. Groin manipulation and knee remedial work.
Saturday 1st - 45 minute swim session comprising 100m warm up, drills as per Mark Kleanthous, 400m warm down in 8'34"
Sunday 2nd - Ran the 10k stage of the Northampton Triathlon (Olympic Distance). Our team won the team event. 10k time of 38'41". Iced groin immediately after exercise.
Monday 3rd - 45 minute swim session, 100m warm up, drills, 300m warm down. 65 minute bike ride plus transition coaching session with Mark K. Again, iced groin and elevated knee.
Tuesday 4th - 45 minute swim session as above. 17 mile run in the evening to cover this weeks long run for Amsterdam Marathon (Oct 15th). Knee sore but tolerable. Ice bath immediately after.
Weds 5th - 45 minute bike session. 7 mile off road run with Tring Running Club. Iced groin and knee immediately after exercise.
Thurs 6th - Rest day. Groin seems much improved compared with last week.

The Team

Team O'Neill comprises three key members.

1. Fiona, my wife, who lets me train so much without a grumble.
2. Mark Kleanthous, my coach, an amazing athlete who has completed 28 IronMan Events and is one of the UK's foremost triathletes. If you're interested in triathlons of any length - go visit his website and get stuck in. When I figure out how to do it, a link will appear on this page.
3. Will Tullett, my sports injury guru, who - when he's not fixing legs at Chelsea Football Club - keeps my battered and ageing body on the road.

Thanks to you all.