Monday, November 10, 2008

Lest we Forget...

And how does this week find you my beautiful Blog-ites? Well, I hope. Important news first. Maurice, my father in law, remains in hospital, but continues to make good progress. We are waiting for the results of a second series of tests which will decide if he is to return home or go to Harefield Hospital where surgery will be necessary. I'll keep you posted.

It's been a busy week on all fronts. My latest script progresses well and I've finally got through one of the toughest parts which is the construction of the story... what happens, who it happens to, why it happens, what happens as a result of it. As someone who just wants to get stuck into the business end of writing, I find the plotting an interminable drudge and this process represents the toughest stage of any script for me which is probably:

a. why I've not done it before, preferring just to 'start writing'.
b. why I abandoned my previous script at this stage some months ago.

Anyway, I'm a lot clearer now about the story I'm telling and the themes within it which can only be a good thing, right? The pic is the first half of the script, with each card representing a scene. The second half is on another wall but, trust me, it looks very very similar.

How was training I hear you ask. It was okay thanks. Momentous moments included a 20 mile run which pretty much wiped me out for two days. The common consensus seems to be too much in too short a time (I've gone pretty much from zero to seventeen and twenty mile long runs each week in the past month). I'm going to do another long one today and see how things lie after that. Highlight of the week in training terms, though, was definitely Friday when I met up with Gabriel for a day's training in London-town. We swam 2.2km at an open air pool in Covent Garden, taking turns at leading for 10 laps at a time. From there we got changed and went out on an (approx) 11 mile run which took us down through Trafalgar Square, along The Mall, past Buckingham Palace through St James Park and on a couple of laps around Hyde Park and its Serpentine Lake before heading back to our lockers in Covent Garden. Quick sauna and shower and then off to my club in London - Soho House - where we kicked back and enjoyed a few beers and a most nourishing roast chicken dinner. Now that's what training's all about.

Also... it wouldn't be a normal week if I hadn't purchased a new bike, would it.

A couple of friends at Team MK have been riding fixed wheel bikes and I could resist the temptation no longer. Saturday morning saw me at my local bike shop - Phil Corley Cycles - picking up a brand new Specialized Langster Polish. And jolly polished it is too. I took it out on Saturday afternoon and absolutely love the fixed wheel side of riding. It's a bit tricky to get used to though, as the fixed wheel means you have to keep pedaling at speed otherwise you, er... get thrown off.

But I'm positive it's going to improve my cycling and that's what it's all about this year.

And my running.

And, of course, my swimming.

So, this week's training looked a little like this:

Monday: 20 mile slow run, 3 hours
Tuesday: Absolutely knackered... no training
Wednesday: 1 hour 30 minutes cycling
Thursday: 1 hour 30 minutes cycling
Friday: 2.2km swimming, 11 mile easy run (1 hr 30)
Saturday: Fixed wheel bike ride - 1 hour
Sunday: Day off

What else? Well, I took Erin to see Quantum of Solace yesterday and, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's had negative publicity but I found it a well crafted and tightly plotted movie. Which goes to show you should always make up your own mind about these things.

Prior to that we'd been to the Remembrance Service at our local church - a poignant reminder of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we, the future generations, could sit here and blog. It's always very moving to see the traffic come to a stop as the lone bugler plays The Last Post at the war memorial. Sometimes it's not cool or trendy to say it... but this is one household that will never forget.

Film quotes? Yes, I know they're getting easier. But that could be a cunning ploy to lure you into my web... but let's just say if Rob Quantrel is getting three on the trot then that old web needs strengthening up a bit.

Last week's quote was, indeed, spoken by WES BENTLEY as RICKY FITZ in AMERICAN BEAUTY.

Here's this week's:

"It happens sometimes. Friends come in and out of our lives like busboys in a restaurant."

Rob ?

Great to see Joe Calzaghe doing the right thing at Madison Square Garden. Well done Joe. Good work, fella. Now get retired, whilst you're still a legend.

And get better soon to Alice, who's - unusually for her - laid low with a throat infection. Too much talking probably.

Next week folks. Keep on pedaling...


Ben G said...

Hey Jevon, I've had a Specialised Langster for a year now, not quite as shiny as yours (green one) I love riding mine, use it for my daily commute. It's a very simple way of riding, pedalling feels a little odd when you get back on a normal geared bike. What gears you turning? enjoy.

RobQ said...

haha - not a clue. are you sure its from a film thats actually been released? Not from your screenplay? ;-)

good news on the fixed - i rode a friends Felt dispatch round n' round richmond park yesterday. very enjoyable and loved the laziness of it. Apart from the monster gear he put on it (48x16) it was perfect. I shall be ordering me one of them then!

Alexanders said...

Stand By Me, before any other sod gets in there!

Alexanders said...

I have seen this film so many times that when you said "Rob?" in your blog, I instantly thought you were alluring to the director Rob Reiner.

Can't believe you spent another load on another bike.

Jevon said...

good to see you're struggling mate!
Alex... right, of course... any idea who said it? What a great movie, eh.
Ben... I'm hoping the Langster is really going to improve my technique which is still pretty raw. I'm running the standard gear supplied with the Langster which is a 42/16.

PS... Alex ... the correct way of phrasing your surprise (for Fiona's benefit) is 'Jeez, Jevon, what a bargain you picked up at the weekend. At that price the credit crunch doesn't even figure'.


H said...

Great blog Jev,

Too true that we should never forget, in such a busy, electronic age it's all too easily forgotten. And you can't beat The Last Post for bringing tears to your eyes!!

As for your new 'fixie' - I'm really quite envious (and that's from someone with hideous bike handling skills) she looks truly splendid :)

Love to Fiona and the girls, & tell Alice sore throats are a great excuse for oodles of ice-cream ;)

Hels. x

Colin Bradley said...

Jev, lovely bike but please, PLEASE take those wheel reflectors off. I made the same mistake with my MTB and got suitably chastised by Alexanders.

Next you'll be putting a shopping basket on the P2C!!

Alexanders said...

It's spoken by that guy who is in Jaws....I can't place his name. It's said when he is reading the paper and seeing the news his old best friend had been stabbed and killed breaking up an argument in a restaurant.

Whichever way you look at it, you popped another money shot onto essentially something that at the time was reflecting an image of your own face. What does that tell us!?

Jevon said...

It tells us that you're on drugs mate... that's what it tells us...

Jevon said...

It tells us that you're on drugs mate... that's what it tells us...