Monday, April 20, 2009

The first ton is the toughest...

The first 100 miler of the year is always a tough one. I've been putting it off now for a while, filling my time with countless sixties, seventies and eighties, getting up to an 85 miler a week ago. But on Friday I took the opportunity to cycle from home down to Bath which was billed as 99.97 miles but ended up at 104 miles. A tough ride on a miserable and wet day but 5 hours and 40 minutes later I allowed myself the luxury of a few beers to celebrate.

In fact, I allowed myself the luxury of two days golf and beer to celebrate so I'm running short on training time at the moment. I'm also feeling extremely guilty as I've had a light week so will keep the blog ultra short this week.

I have a week of training before heading off to Italy on Sunday for the Big Cow training camp. My girlies think it's a holiday but I keep telling them how grueling it will be. I'm looking forward to it and will report back when I return. If I can update the blog from there I will.

So what of training this week? Like I said, pretty light...

Monday - 2 hour 15 mile run
Tuesday - 3.5km swim set, 5.6 mile run
Wednesday - 25 mile bike
Thursday - 30 mins turbo plus 1 hour bikes setup
Friday - 104 miles bike ride
Saturday - Golf and ale
Sunday - more golf

Swim - 3.5km
Bike - 139 miles
Run - 20.6 miles

Total time training 12.65 hours (including bike set up)

Thanks this week to my father who acted as support crew on my long bike this week. Also to the boys of the Ebola golf society for another suitably raucous weekend.

The girls are back at school, the sun is shining and I'm off for a swim.


Ben G said...

60's, 70's 80's I find it's more a mind thing moving the distance forward, now a 100 great stuff. I'm sure there will be an Italian 100, or two next week, have a great holiday ;)

Jevon said...

Ben... Fiona's going mad... everyone's calling it a holiday. It's a training week and I wish I wasn't going, right... that's the party line :)

Sean said...

Are you blogging from Italy?