Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

I'll leave you to work out who's who in terms of the title. The pic itself shows Colin, 'Arps and myself following our Blithfield extravaganza at the weekend.

Colin finally qualified to represent GB at sprint distance in his age group category in the World Champs in Perth in a couple of months time. I've watched him pursue his goal with a single mindedness over the last year and it's been a pleasure to do so. Well done, mate. Nobody deserves it more than you.

'Arps - in his first season of triathlon - decided he'd like to step up from sprints to Olympic distance and who better to have with him than his old mucker Jevon. He'd be the first to tell you he struggled a bit in the swim but turned it round brilliantly on the bike and run to come home in a highly creditable time of 2:37. Again, well done mate and I look forward to many more together.

I managed to smackdown a PB in the Olympic, coming home in 2:15 and managing 31st place overall and 2nd in my Age Group. I had a good swim and bike but my back played up a little on the run meaning I had to take it steady. Nonetheless, in bad conditions, I'm delighted with the result.

We were cheered on by our posse of beauties... Fiona and Yvonne, our wives plus our daughters Erin, Alice, Caitlin, Ellie and Polly. So, we can safely say that 'Arps and I were operating on Girl Power.

I'm ready for a rest and am looking forward to our annual holiday. We're off to The Algarve for a couple of weeks so will be able to get in some much needed R & R in the sunshine. Temperatures seem to be set fair between 29 and 32 degrees. Marvelous.

Work has become very busy so I've been nailed to my desk, doing what I do best apart from long distance training. But that's good.

I'm now focussing on sprints for the rest of the triathlon season, as well as having signed up to do the Luton Marathon with Gabriel in December. I'd like to PB my sprint time this year if possible and it would be fantastic to try and PB the marathon too but that might be a step too far. This year I've PB'd my Ironman time, my Olympic time, my 10 mile TT time and my 400 m pool swim time, so I'm obviously in better shape than I've been for a long time.

I'm not sure how much I'll be able to blog over the next week or two as, frankly, I may be too full of Sagres and Magnum Ice Creams. But we'll see.

Good luck to all my friends in the London Triathlon this weekend and to all my Team MK buddies at Ironman UK.

Kia Kaha...


Colin Bradley said...

Was a great race, and great to see you achieve yet another PB. Great to have the O'Neill and Harper families there cheering me out of the swim and across the finish line. Boy, those girls can shout!

H said...

Enjoy that holiday Jev, well earned me thinks. Love to you and the girls, look forward to catching up at the Relays... but that's later...you've got Magnum Ice-creams to consume xxx

'Arps said...

I had a ball at Blithers - it was great to have people who knew what they were doing around me. Big respect to Colin and Jev - excellent results. Just a small thing Jev, it was actually 2.36, not 2.37, not that I am anal about this sort of thing you understand :)