Monday, December 07, 2009

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans...

I was minded of John Lennon's quote over the weekend whilst I was writing on my wall.

Let me explain:

One one of the walls in the house we've recorded the heights of the girls since they were tiny. We now have a range of incremental notches, side by side, which indicates their rate of growth over the years. However, they'd begun to fade and I'd been meaning for ages to get to work with a marker pen, going over them before they were lost forever.

Can you guess what's coming?

How poignant, I thought. These very notches are indicative of what will happen with the girls themselves. They will be with us and, one day, they will be gone and we'll be left with a series of notches on the wall, fond memories and visits from our daughters and grandchildren. And that's not something to hide away from - it's simply the way of the world. But nonetheless, it's a sobering thought.

And so, as I lay on the floor, held the pen at an extremely uncomfortable angle and began to re-write history, I thought of Mr Lennon and how apposite his feelings on 'life' were. It flies by, does our time here and the most important thing is to leave with no regrets. Do what you have to do, go where your heart tells you, strive to achieve even those things that seem insignificant to others but to you will mean everything. Most importantly, cherish love and happiness when you find them. These are the most important things. A moment of true love is worth an eternity of riches. The sparkle in a child's eye infinitely more rewarding than the glitter of gold.

I'm beginning to sound like the bible.

So, set your goals high. Run tough races. Paint pictures. Write the novel you've always felt you could. Tell your children you love them. Kiss them. Tell your wife you love her. Kiss her too. If you have a husband... tell him (he'll appreciate it even though he may seem like a tough cookie). Sing. Strum the guitar. Travel to the places you've always wanted to see. Dream freely. Allow yourself to hope and continue to set yourself targets. Fill your days and stay close physically and emotionally to the ones you love.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't watched The Sopranos, buy the boxed set before you die.

Life is for living. No regrets.

The only regret I have at the minute is that I'm eating too many mince pies. But things could be worse. I'm staying fit and enjoying the off season much more than I have previously. I'm still training nearly every day, but simply doing what I feel like, when I feel like it. Tom and Helen came for the weekend a week ago and Tom and I had a terrific 80 mile bike on the Saturday. On the Sunday, all three of us ran the Pednor 10 mile race. I clocked a reasonably paced (hilly) 71 minutes and was delighted that my calf held up.

During the week I knocked out a 45 mile bike ride with my Team MK buddies and some easy running sessions and swim sets. I've been doing hardly any swimming and was delighted to do a timed 400m in 6:22 which is only 10 seconds off a PB. Great for this time of year.

Saturday saw a 100 mile bike ride with triathlete buddies Trevor, Sam and Rob. I'm not used to doing that kind of distance in the winter but, once again, had a great time.

Work is crazy busy between now and Christmas, shooting and producing TV commercials and desperately trying to finish off my book. But that's great... I thrive on the chaotic nature of having too much to do.

I hope you guys are well and enjoying yourselves with whatever it is that you enjoy yourselves doing.

Our close friend continues to make great progress in their battle back to full health so thanks or all the positive vibes you've been sending out. Keep 'em coming.

I'll go now but leave you with another quote I hold dear to my heart...

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." (Ferris Bueller)


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