Monday, February 08, 2010


I've just finished my weekly maths tutoring with Alice.  Some may think this is a case of the blind leading the blind but I think I'm more the one-eyed man in this particular kingdom.  She's prone to being downhearted because her test scores are low.  I tell her not to be because:

1.  Life is too short
2.  Maths is a rubbish subject
3.  It's a long race (see previous post)
4.  She's improving.  Her scores are getting better.

She works at it doggedly and refuses to be defeated or defeatist.  I learn a lot from her even though many of these genes have undoubtedly come from me.

I'm trying not to let my achilles injury get me down because:

1.  Life is too short
2.  Achilles tendons are rubbish parts of the body
3.  There's a long time before my race (see previous post)
4.  I always have injuries but I'm gradually improving.

This week has been fairly large on biking what with not being able to run.  The week that was looked like this:

Monday, 2.4km swim drills, 90 min x country brisk walking to protect achilles, 20 mins core session
Tuesday, 2.55km swim set, 45 mins hard bike turbo
Weds, 65 mile bike ride, 30 min easy run off the bike
Thurs, 20 mins core session, 2km Team MK swim set
Fri, 3km swim set, 25 mins run (achilles broke down again :(
Sat, 75 mile bike ride, 25 mins cross trainer (gym), 10 mins core
Sun, 60 mile bike ride


Swim 9.95km
Bike 220 miles
Run/Walk 16 miles

Total training time 20.33 hours

I'm back on the booze now, having lasted until Friday night when I succumbed to the pleasures of the amber nectar.  That said, I'm really not going at it in the way I used to and am enjoying the days more as a result.  That may change but, for the moment it's a good place to be.

I carried on my new year's resolution of going to the movies every week.  I checked out INVICTUS this week which was no better than okay (in my opinion, of course).  Decent enough acting, decent directing, decent plot but just... not... exceptional.  I'd expected more from Clint and this story.

I'll almost certainly not be running for a few weeks now, so painful is my achilles when I do so.  I'm having the usual treatment of ice and stretching and I'm sure it will die down but it's kind of annoying.  That said, I'm sure the bike and the swim are benefiting.

A brief post this week and no words of worldly wisdom which will be a welcome respite for most of you I'm sure.

Toodle pip.


runtilyoudrop said...

those are big numbers on the bike!

Only one exercise for the achilles. Heel drops standing on the stairs- repeat ad nauseam- mine is slowly responding and can almost (but not quite) run for 45 mins without pain. Keep the faith.

H said...

Biking and swimming is sure gonna get you there in tip top form Jev, look after that naughty achilles, you run well regardless so at least you don't need to worry about not getting run miles in at the mo.
Thanks SO much for coming on Wednesday it was a truly lovely surprise to see you, hope you're pix look good on't wall.
H x

Andy said...

Ahhh, the good old Stella -reminds me of two weeks down on the South of France a mere 1/4 of a century ago- Enjoy !!
Glad to hear the achilles is healing


Brybrarobry said...

Good on you. I had to quit math tudoring when the kids hit grade 5. Too tough for me. haha.

That beer looks good. Yum yum. Can hardly wait.

Hope the Achillies gets better, nasty injury.