Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy Busy...

I've been up and down between the office and Manchester recently, putting the finishing touches to a series of TV ads I'm making.  I've also been doing some radio commercials.  Consequently, training has been a little fractured and I've needed to be light on my feet to fit in sessions.  But I'm pleased with what I've done and staying at the Marriott has helped as they have complementary membership of a gym in Manchester.

Here's how the week went down:

Monday - Day off
Tuesday - 75 min swim, 10 x 400m off 7'30"
Weds - 45 min 2km swim, 45 min run, 30 mins core and stretch (gym)
Thurs - 45 min run, 30 mins core and stretch, 30 mins run, 15 mins weights (gym)
Friday - 1 hour 8 mile run
Saturday - 103 mile bike, 6 mile run (back to back)
Sunday - 45 min recovery bike, 30 min easy run

Total time training 14.6 hrs
Swim 6km
Bike 118 miles
Run 27 miles (approx)

I'm still keeping up with my new year's resolution to see a film at the cinema once a week.  Or, rather, to buy 52 cinema tickets throughout they year as sometimes it's not feasible to go every week.  This week I took advantage of being away from home to go and see GREEN ZONE, which I wasn't to impressed with, and SHUTTER ISLAND which I really enjoyed.  I also saw (not at the cinema)  SURROGATES which was a little tiresome.

Must rush as time is pressing.  I've got to finish up all my ads, travel to Manchester and continue re-drafting my book which I'm filleting down as an experiment to see what it feels like without too much verbiage.

Onwards and upwards.  Have a great week.

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Rob Quantrell said...

Surrogates a little tiresome?

A LITTLE? Jev you either have your empathetic directors head on or you are in an understated mood when you wrote this. It. Was. Terrible. I watched it on the plane to NZ, where the 'catered cinema' aspect means i enjoy almost anything. I almost turned the monitor to a map of Northern Canada, so bored was I :-)

Great brick btw!! nice big session for March!!