Wednesday, June 09, 2010

They wanted me to go to Re-hab...

 ... and I said, 'yeah, yeah, yeah'...

So, we're exactly a week into the programme and here's an update on how its going.  I started by engaging in the exercises that physio JD had given me.  These consisted of stretching the achilles and calf for a minute or so, then performing warm up exercises by rising on both sets of toes.  Once warmed up I was then to do some light eccentric calf drops - demonstration by someone else here.

But the achilles wasn't calming down.  It continued to be aggravated and tender.  So I've decided to cut right back on all exercising of the injury until I get rid of the tenderness.  Three or four days later, it's improving.  But now I've made the decision to re-hab I'm not in any rush.  It will heal when it heals.  The key is to let it heal.

Swimming's still going on though and I'm doing a mix of pool and open water swimming.  Along with some weights, stretching and core it's keeping me sane.

I'm enjoying the time I have around the house, and the girls are enjoying having me around.  We had a car boot sale for Erin's trip to Mongolia last sunday and raised £ 152.  Good going I think and something I really enjoyed doing with my family - something I wouldn't have had the chance to do if I was training.

I'm shooting on Friday - a video for TNT - which will take my mind of these early days of not training.  We've also got the World Cup coming up which I can't wait for.

I've caught up with some good movies too.  Watched THE VISITOR last night, a great US Indie and hugely recommended as a touching, character based drama.   We watched WHAT'S EATING GILBERT GRAPE as a family and the girls loved it.  Other movies have included AN EDUCATION, MOON and PUBLIC ENEMIES.  I'm fully intending to get back to the movies on a more regular basis.

So, in short, all is well with the world.  I'm optimistic, as ever.

And if you can't be optimistic, what's the point in going on.

Come on England !!!


Tom said...

Hello mate,

I'm back in the blog reading game and super pleased to hear you sounding so positive... it's going to be an amazing summer, different to previous ones but amazing nonetheless :)

Hope to see you soon,


runtilyoudrop said...

big man, sounds like you are doing it right. Does the cycling stir it up too?

Enjoy the family and revel in the otherness of not IM training

Jevon said...

Yeah, unfortunately, cycling does it no good at all. It needs to become STRONG I think before I can rebuild it. That strength will only come through rest.

Adrian Cora Decunto said...

Hi Jevon,
I hadn't read your blog for a while and I was taken aback to see you injured but in your own words, it is a minor thing if we take it in perspective, specially considering your athletic career in the long term.
Good to see you are positive about it.
All the best and recover quickly and strongly!!!!


Jevon said...

Hey Adrian
great to hear from you and thanks for your kind thoughts. Hope all's well with you? What races are you up to this year?

Anne Crowter said...

Just caught up with this as we've been away - explains some of your posts on the TMK website!
I love your super-positive attitude and look forward to hearing about the new "stuff" that you can pick up on to fill the gaps left by "training"

Jevon said...

Thanks Anne
Nice to hear from you and I hope you and Trevor are keeping well.