Friday, October 22, 2010

An Update...

That's not me, by the way.  It's just supposed to represent the millions of back exercises I've been doing lately.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive over the past few weeks.  I was at a screening of the great Tour de France movie, 'Chasing Legends', last night and bumped into a few of my Team MK colleagues who expressed their surprise and delight at seeing me on my feet and mobile.

So I thought I'd update you.

Whilst I can't say I've had a miracle cure, the progress I've made has been absolutely first class.  Since the SNRB injection I have dedicated myself to rehabilitating the injury.  I now undergo a daily exercise regime designed to strengthen the lower core and stretch my still troublesome back.  I have begun to take several key supplements each day specifically to aid my disc recovery (including Vitamin C and Omega 3) and, for the first time in many years, I've joined a gym.

At present I'm 'dahn the gym' between three and six times a week and I work on the mat for 20 minutes, doing my back specific exercises.  Then I'll do 30 minutes on the static bike followed by a swim (I'm now up to 800 metres).  Finally, I'll sit in the steam room to allow the back to expand by way of 'reward'.

So, whilst there's a long way to go, I'm most definitely heading in the right direction.  The key is not to overdo things and to concentrate on stability of and around the back.  So, in my mind, I'm committed to this ongoing regime until xmas, when I hope to resume base training for the summer.  It will then become clear what state the injury is at and I'll either continue, or back off, depending on the results.

I have a feeling also that my achilles was most definitely caused by my back problems.  This injury is showing signs of strong recovery too.  So I'm in a decent enough place at the moment and am thinking only positive thoughts.

Otherwise we are all well.  My book is with a couple of literary agents, one of whom has already sent it back with a list of notes as long as my arm.  Sometimes I think people feel they need to change things for the sake of it.  I mean, if you don't like the material, say so.  Don't hide behind 'notes' to try and explain your position.  Because even if I re-wrote it to the exact specification of those notes, you'd still not like it.  Best simply to say... 'not for me, here's why, good luck'.   But - as any author, JK Rowling included, will tell you - you only need one person to like it and you're up and running.

I'm busy at work and thankfully the injury now allows me to travel.

Speaking of which, I must head into London for an edit.  I figured you'd like to hear how things were going.



RobQ said...

great to hear your news Jevon and glad you are heading in the right direction. Interesting to hear your thoughts on the achilles injury being linked to the back, maybe compensating during the injury placed uneven stress on the lower back?

Brybrarobry said...

Glad things are going better for you. Hope you have a speedy recovery.