Monday, July 23, 2007

Will - 23rd July 07

Hi Will
coming in today. Sore glute after swim session Sunday, 1 hr 20 off road run on Sunday and 1600m swim this morning. Suggest digging around in the glute, examine knee and full massage.


H said...

Oh the joys of post Ironman eh Jevon!! I'm enjoying getting back into it too. Can't believe it really... hey we're Ironmen, surely that must mean we're practically invincible!!! Good luck at the physio.

H. x

Tom said...

Nice new look to the blog Jevon ;) Hope to get out on the bike with you soon,

Tom ;)

H said...

Just had a look at your all new Blog Jevon & it's looking mighty fine!!! Quite different to the last time I saw it. I love the timing widgets, they're cool aren't they!!!

Hope the training's going well. I gut stuck at work today & couldn't make our local weekly time trial so have had an enforced rest day :( probably not a bad thing but a bit annoying especially as it was due to one of the actressess at work being a diva!!!
Happy training ;) H. x