Monday, September 17, 2007

Tom comes a callin'

My good friend Tom came a calling today. His message was polite alright... along the lines of "Hey, Jevon... not heard from you for a while... are you back in training?" But when a sub 10 hour IronMan (soon to be sub 9.15 by my reckoning) asks you that kind of question in those kind of tones... then you just know that you'd better get back in the saddle... and quick !!!

I've been waiting for my coach, Mark Kleanthous to return from holiday and, if I'm honest, I've been enjoying a little too much beer in the meantime. However, I'm pleased to report that I've finally knuckled down and got back to training. My sessions as supervised by Mark will start in a couple of weeks but I started work last week and swam five sessions totalling 11km, plus a 10 mile Time Trial on the bike and a couple of other hour and a half rides.

I've pulled a calf muscle so have been avoiding running. I don't think it's anything serious, just the shock on my legs of getting back to road running. I'll leave it another week and give it a go.

But it feels good to be back.

Well done to Tom and Helen (check out their blog from my list of links) on The Vitruvian - great racing guys. I'm looking forward to organising a weekend here when you can visit us and we can do some training together followed by a relaxing beer and feet up watching a movie (just so long as it isn't highlights of IMCH or IMA 2007).

To all other blog watchers... sorry it's been so long but your support is key so keep it going.

I've followed in Tom and Helen's footsteps and will include a photo each major posting. Today's is an hour after the finish of IronMan Austria 2007 with my support team, Sean my brother and Michael my father - both of whom will be out in Austria to watch me (and help me) in 2008. In fact we're going out mob handed. Fiona and my two girls, Erin and Alice and Kath (Sean's wife) and their two girls Kitty and Brogan will be joining Sadie, my mother and my other brother Conal to celebrate not only (hopefully) another IronMan but also my dad's 70th birthday which is the day after the race.

Bring it on !!!

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Tom said...

Great reading mate, sounds like you're right back in the flow :)

You might need to take some ear muffs for IMA as there are also quite a few of our lot heading to Klagenfurt for a post IMDE holiday... and to cheer you on!!

The idea of a widget for keeping a record of training volume is interesting but I can't find one at the moment. I'll keep looking, let me know if you have any joy.

My email is the same as Helen's but with 'tomwilliamsmsc' instead of 'helenturton' (I assume you're not using her work email?)

Looking forward to that training session and your dad's 70th on the 14th ;)