Monday, September 24, 2007

Light training continues

Short post today. Last week continued to go well. I swam 9km over four sessions and cycled 60km over two sessions. One of these was the 10 mile Time Trial that a group of us have started doing. I knocked over 40 secs off my PB set the week before, reducing it to 26'23". We do it individually, not as a group, so there's no drafting and the conditions are pretty tough - lorries, wind etc.

No running still as I'm having treatment on my pulled left calf. The lack of running is a drag but I have to accept a few weeks away from it. My running has really suffered over the last year and I'm determined to bring it back up to scratch when injuries allow.

Highlight of my week though was taking my youngest daughter, Alice, to Anfield to see Liverpool make a complete hash of trying to beat Birmingham City. Terrible game but a great day that we both enjoyed.

Photo is of my coach Mark K with just some of his medals. Mark will be doing his 30th Ironman this year and I'll be doing my second. Kind of says it all, doesn't it !!

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Tom said...

Hi Jevon,

Nice to see you keeping up with the blog. You seem to be in the same position as H at the moment with plenty of cycling and running. That's the beauty of tri, if either of you were runners you effectively wouldn't be able to train but with another two disciplines to choose from it's not so bad.

It would be great if you could pop an RSS feed on here somewhere as I always forget to check for new posts. With an RSS option my reader will notify me every time you write something :)