Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fingers Crossed

Okay... usually I'm a good trainer. Diligent. Focussed.

Not this week.

This week I've been making plans for the weekend when I once again will be sat in a stadium watching England attempt to win a Rugby World Cup. I have my lucky hat and shirt from Sydney 2003 and so can do no more... all I will say is keep your fingers crossed and we'll see.

Been ticking over actually on training. My coach Mark K doesn't want me doing a huge amount of stuff before I start to run again and even then he's a great believer in a six month training programme for IronMan. So I'll be gradually building up distances again over winter and doing other, fun stuff like ciruit training, long walks etc.

Mark and I did a 45 mile bike on Saturday morning which was great. Felt very good. I've also been keeping the swimming going, doing several 2km sessions down the pool. But really and truly... how can you concentrate on anything at the moment with all that's going on in the rugby world...

For Harry and St. George...

(and by the way... no... I have no spare tickets)

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