Monday, October 01, 2007

A Little Perspective

My best friend and running mate's father died this week. Cyril Harper wasn't a young man and he wasn't (we had recently learned) a particularly well man. But the speed of the departure due to a sudden heart attack left us all stunned. He will be missed.

It was Keith who got me on the running trail some two and a half years ago now, by announcing he was going to run the Stratford (Shakespeare) marathon. Enthused by his dedication and curious to my capabilities, I signed up. Since that time we have run together many times and he has followed me on my IronMan journey(s) with pride.

His dad's passing has thrown some perspective on why I do this. Fitness is one thing, yes. But really, deep down, it's to live life to the full. To set challenges and follow through on them. For frankly... who knows when we, or those close to us, may not be here any more.

And one cliched saying I've always believed is that "life isn't a dress rehearsal".

Training was tough this week with work commitments but I managed to get in three swim sessions totaling 7.5km and three bike sessions of my usual 10 mile TT into a ferocious wind (no PB this time!), a 32km ride over an hour and a longer 80km ride on Saturday to get the distance back into my legs.

I may well go out and try some light running this week. It's been two week since my calf last 'pinged'. But the lay off from running is very frustrating.

I'm due to meet with Mark K my coach on Wednesday to outline the work for the year ahead in preparation for IronMan Austria. Thursday will see me travel to France for a golf day on the friday followed by a trip to Paris for the Argentina v. Scotland Rugby World Cup quarter final on the sunday night. Suspect any training this week will need to be early on !

This week's photo is from my first marathon, with Keith. A great day. A life changing day.

Have a good week everyone.


Tom said...

Hi mate, sorry to hear your sad news. Yet another reminder of what really matters in life.

Train safe,


Andy said...

Please pass on my sympathies to 'orrible Harper
Good luck with the training and hope the calf is on the mend.

Go England at the weekend !