Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Keep up the good work...

So... a busy week and a little late posting on the blog. Sorry 'bout that. Even though my total training time was way down this week at 8 and a half hours, I'm still delighted with the way things are going.

Let me tell you why.

In addition to being injured since coming off the bike last weekend, I've been extremely busy with work. I've been up and down the country and staying away from home. But I've still managed to train on the road and on the bike turbo and made a pretty good fist of running and cycling this week. Plus, due to Mark K's training regime, I at last have a training schedule where every minute counts so I'm packing real quality into shorter available time. So I'm pretty happy with the way things are going.

There's been no swimming due to the shoulder injury (from coming off the bike) and I'm back on the anti-inflams for my hip which is still painful from the fall but hopefully I'm on the road to recovery.

I've taken the advice of an IronMan friend (you know who you are) and get serious with my turbo, rigging up my spare laptop to watch dvd's when I'm in the garage. Last week saw me follow Lance Armstrong through is seven Tour de France victories and watch Superman Returns whilst out on my long 2 hour plus turbo ride.

Lance was inspirational. Superman was crap.

Anyway... must rush. I have an edit to go to.

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