Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Start of Something Big...

Me that is... but not for long.

So, my fellow bloggers, a happy new year to you. I hope your christmas time was full of festive cheer and naughty things. I ticked over nicely, running four consecutive 10kms with brother Sean over xmas in Holland, book ended by a few 30 mile bike rides and a 3km swim just prior to heading off to the lowlands. All in all it was a time for 'ticking over' before the commencement of new year.

As usual over xmas my weight went up (think Ricky Hatton but bigger and not as wealthy) to 97 kgs. My target by Ironman is to get down to 86kgs which will be some 4.5 kgs lighter than the 90.5 kgs that I weighed when competing at last year's IronMan. I figure it's got to help and my object is to lose the poundage gradually through consistent exercise and sensible diet. That said, I know from experience that January, with my commencement of training and no alcohol regime will result in a large weight loss in the first few weeks. After that it's the hard yards.

I've started my IronMan training regime but more of that next week.

Hello to Truck in New Zealand... keep me posted on your ultra running. Don't be shy... leave a comment.

To all of you, a happy and prosperous new year and may all your goals and dreams be attained.


truck said...

That's it I'm officially out of "lurkdom"! I have been interested, educated, entertained and inspired by your Ironman exploits - we were actually with Harps and Yo in Spain when the call came through in July last year! Great achievement and looking forward to following your journey to the next goal. Having focused exclusively on ultras for the last 6 months building up to my first 50 miler in November I now appear to be simultaneously training for a road marathon (Buller 9th Feb), another ultra (St James, 29 March) and a multisport 3 dayer (Gold Rush 16th March) in team of 2 with Dick (mountain bike and kayak for him, running and road biking for me). How did this happen? I'm totally confused (mind and body!). First bunch ride last night - TERRIFIED! Will be looking here for some tips. Currently I think I'm what's known as a "squirrel" on a bike(heheh)Keep up the good work!

Jevon said...

Truck - great to hear from you. Would love to ultra but not sure my knee would stand up to it. Glad to hear Dick's involved, even if he is sitting down all the time!!! All you need now is a blog !!! Jx

Mark said...

Jev... will be happy to assist with your carbo-loading (real ale-wise) at the beginning of Feb. My body has also been a temple so far this year... but more the sort you find in the jungle covered in creepers and full of monkeys and chickens. Goody.

Andy said...

Happy New Year.
Good to hear you are back in business, I'm looking at the Wellington 1/2 10th of Feb so building up slowly.

Re the black ice , I suggest the windtrainer takes a hammering until the warmer weather returns

Glad to hear that fellow NZ'ers are reading the blog