Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Workin' hard

Training continues to go well. Despite not being able to swim due to the cricked neck which has stayed with me all week, I've put in an extremely reasonable 12 and a half hours training this week. Comprised of:

Monday : day off as recovery (listen to your body!)
Tuesday: 45 mins core/stretch/strength work. 53 mins bike turbo (pyramids on increasing heart rate). 45 mins run (marathon tempo, concentrating on relaxing shoulders and neck).
Weds: 45 mins run (10 min warm up and down with 3 x sets of 6 mins half marathon and 3 mins marathon pace in the middle). 65 mins bike out on the roads steady ride including first Bison Hill of the season. 75 mins run at low heart rate ( 72% of Max) over 8 miles.
Thurs: Complete rest day
Fri: 1 hour bike (increasing heart rate pyramids in the big ring). 45 mins run at marathon pace.
Sat: 4 hour bike ride keeping heart rate below 75% of MHR. 65 miles in tough conditions. Punctured after 40 miles but managed to fix it in freezing conditions. 25 mins tempo run straight afterwards keeping heart rate close to 75% of MHR.
Sunday: 45 mins run, 10 min warm up at Ironman pace with 8 mins marathon pace, 8 mins 10k pace and 8 mins marathon pace sandwiched in between.

So all's good. Some niggly injuries still - my knee is making slow progress on the stability front and my neck and shoulders continue to give me trouble. A return to swimming this week should show them who's boss.




Tom said...

Great work Jevon... sounds like you're achieving some great consistent training at the moment :)

When you coming up for that bike ride?


Mark said...

bout time you did some work in the h2o me thinks! sounds like you are on track, 156 days to go for you around 190 for me...got rid of the bike no probs and all is progressing at a reasonable rate....soon be time to head for Cork 10 miles in the Atlantic should be fun at 9 -14 degrees in the speedos.brrrrrrrrr