Monday, February 25, 2008

What a difference a week makes...

Feeling a thousand percent better this week after mucho rest. I think – reading back over my previous post – that last week I was guilty of the sin of overtraining. I’d never thought it possible before but a week ago I felt pretty much at the end of my tether. My body was a wreck, my mind was addled and I couldn’t see a way forward.

Now I’ve rested up it’s a different story.

I’m back on track and focussed on the future. I feel strong and, whilst the body hasn’t healed up completely, it’s gone a long way to doing so. I just shut up shop last week and cycled for an hour and a quarter on Tuesday and ran for the same time on Wednesday. Yesterday (Sunday) I completed a very easy 50 mile bike ride.

But in the process I freed up some time and thoroughly enjoyed my week. Erin and I took in Cloverfield at the movies and I want to start getting to the cinema with her once a week. Alice and I travelled once again up to Anfield on Saturday to see Fernando Torres score a magnificent hat-trick as Liverpool beat Middlesborough. We’re on the waiting list for LFC season tickets but don’t hold your breath on that as there are over 60,000 on said waiting list !!! As a family we visited The Hellfire Caves in Buckinghamshire where the infamous 18th century Hellfire Club met and entertained ladies dressed as nuns and generally worshipped the devil. The village of West Wycombe is a National Trust Village and is home to the fabulous Village Sweet Shop selling literally hundreds of varieties of traditional sweets, all in jars and available as ‘quarter’ or ‘2oz’ sizes. I’m sure it’s illegal by European law to sell in such weights and illegal for Ironmen to eat sweets but frankly, who cares! Those pineapple chunks, sherbet bon-bons, sour apples and rhubarb and custards capped off a great week.

To be honest it’s probably the lightest week I’ve had for over a year but I’ve reaped as much benefit from it as I have from the toughest of training weeks. I’ve learned something very important. There’s no point in being super fit if your mind’s not in great shape. Fitness is a balance between life and body. Get it right and it’s a great place to be…

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