Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ticking over...

I've been working away from home for much of the previous week which is never easy when it comes to scheduling training but I managed to keep a steady schedule of mainly running and cycling.

Monday: 60 mins swim, drills. 50 mins run, pyramid marathon pace sessions with lower pace rest periods.

Tuesday: 45 minutes swimming

Wednesday: 60 mins swimming, 200m timed reps.
60 mins cycling (off road on mountain bike... really enjoyed the change of this). 65 minutes slow run at Tring Running Club.

Thursday: Complete rest day.

Friday: 45 minutes swimming at Garstang 20m pool. 30 minutes tempo run.

Saturday: 80 minutes off road hilly run with Mark K.

And I'm afraid I decided not to risk any biking in the wind with my injury record. For once, discretion was indeed the better part of valour.

I'm away in Manchester this week but am continuing to swim and run and am feeling strong. My improved diet is paying dividends and I'm looking forward to getting on the bike for a long ride with Dave and possibly Mark on Saturday.

I couldn't find any pictures to post so I've included a gratituous poser photo of me directing Michael Parkinson on a recent AXA commercial I shot.

Each post will finish with a quote from a film... kudos to those who can name the movie...

This is from my favourite film of all time and is simpy...


Have fun, everyone...

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