Monday, May 19, 2008

Ever Fallen in Love with Someone (you shouldn't have fallen in love with...) ?

I love that song. Used to play it at home when I was younger - in my punk days - hard to imagine I'm that old, isn't it.

Isn't it?

Anyway... like I was saying, I love that song - as far as pop songs go I reckon it's pretty much perfect. John Peel may have had 'Teenage Kicks' but I have 'Ever Fallen in Love' by The Buzzcocks. Now John Peel knew a lot more about music than me, granted, but I reckon I know a bit more about bikes than John (rest his soul) ever did, even if I have been cycling for only twenty months or so.

My Specialized Allez has served me well. I've used it for all my triathlons, it's seen me through two winters of training and it's been slapped on and off the turbo more times than coach Kleanthous has laced up his running shoes. It has well over five thousand miles on the clock (excluding the aforesaid turbo miles) and it's been nigh on time that the bike cavalry came charging over the hill to the rescue.

Cue the hero of the piece - my Audie Murphy - pictured above. Namely a Cervelo P2C. A fine piece of kit, I'm sure you'll agree. It's pretty much all carbon and I've invested in a set of HED wheels which certainly look the business. Coach K and I set it up last week and I've been out on it a few times to tweak the arrangements. The idea is that I'll be able to get some serious miles on it before IronMan Austria to get used to the new aggressive position. As most of you who know me can vouch for, I'm a reasonably laid back guy, not used to aggressive positions, so fingers crossed that I get used to it in time. I'll report back but, in the meantime, let's just say I'm a happy bunny.

Actually, the photo you see above wasn't the original photo until my pedantic Ironmates Mark K, Colin B and Tom W pointed out that I'd photographed it incorrectly - the bike was facing the wrong way, the cranks weren't level, the chaing wasn't in the big ring yadda, yadda, yadda. What are you guys? The bike police? I mean, really... is this so different than the one above. Anyway, I guess you've saved me from ridicule on so thanks.

So... to the week that was. Coach K had sent me two key swim, two key bike and three key run sessions to work into my schedule this week and I'm pleased to say I managed six of them. I started slowly and the weather hampered my long ride plans but I managed to get one in on Thursday. I rode for 20 minutes warm up, then 20 minutes at 10 mile TT pace, followed by 10 minutes spinning, followed by 20 minutes more at 10 mile TT pace, followed by the rest of my long bike. In windy, wintery conditions, with my bike in winter mode, I rode 84 miles at 18.8mph average which is faster than my IronMan average in Austria last year (albeit for a distance of 112 miles). But the cycling is certainly heading in the right direction.

I also completed my first race of the season, the Merchant Taylors Olympic Triathlon. In reality this was a C race for me, to get me used to stitching the three disciplines together. I enjoyed the event and came home in 2 hours 31 mins which, given the hilly nature of the bike course, was a very creditable time. Pro's were that I felt strong in the bike and run and, compared to last year, had tons more energy in the bank at the end of the race. Cons were that my transitions weren't slick enough and my swim stroke wasn't as smooth as I'd have liked. Still, a good day at a well run new tri.

Last week's training was as follows:

Monday - 60 minutes cycling with seated climbing

Tuesday - 45 minutes swimming with 2 x 800m Ironman pace efforts plus warm ups and downs, 2km total. Temp run, 50 minutes, including 30 minutes at 6:45 min mile pace.

Weds - 45 minute swim, 75 minute run at slow 8:15 min mile pace

Thurs - One hour cycling, new bike technique and set up

Friday - Long bike as detailed above. 4 hours 30 mins. 15 minutes run off the bike.

Saturday - 1 hour open water swim, easy 2.25 km including open water acclimatisation

Sunday - Olympic triathlon - 1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run. 2.5 hours

Total training time this week - 13 hours 50 mins

Last week's film quote was spoken by Robin Williams in DEAD POETS SOCIETY.

Any ideas on this one?


Come on, folks... you have to know that one...

I remember seeing The Buzzcocks in concert at Blackpool Tiffany's Ballroom in 1979. Great concert. Tonight we're off to see Roger Waters perform 'Dark Side of The Moon' at the 02 Arena (a concert we saw a year ago at the Birmingham NEC but just HAD to go back and see again). I shall return home knowing that the one I shouldn't have fallen for will still be waiting for me. :-)

Have fun out there...


Tom said...

much better photo mate... although I might have to buy you a spirit level for christmas ;)

great work on the triathlon front... what was the water temp like?


Jevon said...

Oh... Tom... so hard to please. Actually, H will back me up on this (I hope), the wall is at angle but the bike is 'straight' - it's the only way to have the aero bars look elegant, by turning the wheel out towards camera. Anyway... whatever :-)

Water temp was okay... a little nippy about 12 degrees... but like I say, wanted to get it under my belt ... will be swimming in the sea all next week in Portugal...

bring it on...

Colin said...

Yep, am with Tom on this, mate, it's a much better photo. I see it has made it's way on tritalk too - I did wonder how long it would take!



Carl said...

Was it Alan Tichmarsh in "Citizen Kane"?

Carl said...

Jev, love the bike, but it's not set up right. You seem to have left off the basket.

Andy said...

Nice bike ! -wouldn't have noticed the tardy photography !

Hope it goes quicklly for you.