Monday, June 02, 2008

Now that's what I call Training...

Some things never change ! So what's an Ironman to do in Portugal when the weather's a bit dicey? Have a pint of course.

Apologies for missing a week of blogging but have been away on our annual family jaunt to the Algarve.

Family time is very important to me, as you know, and I really enjoy our hols in the sun, relaxing with the girls. Not much sun this time but plenty of relaxing and, I'm pleased to say, plenty of training too. Well, plenty of running anyway. I ran every day - distances from 10k upwards, including a half marathon run at Ironman pace with 15 minute walking 20 second breaks mimicking the Ironman rest stops. I also took over my wetsuit and swam in the sea but it was rather too rough for this non-fish and I called it quits after one tumble-dryer like session.

Prior to leaving on the friday I'd had a good week training including a five hour bike ride with a group from Team MK.

On my return I went straight into a 'simulated' half Ironman with the same guys, swimming 2.2km, biking 52 miles and running eight miles (alright then, a bit short on the run) to get the body back into training shape.

Yesterday was a short bike ride and an eight mile cross country run.

Only six weeks now to Ironman Austria and a key four weeks of training ahead prior to taper. I think I've been overdoing the running recently as my knee is playing up again (regular bloggers will remember I've had three knee ops on the right knee and have no cartilage in the anterior side of the knee - I think that's how you describe the outside part of it). It flares up and swells if I put it through too much impact and I think that's what's been happening. My right ankle is also suffering with some kind of repetitive strain - so I'm going to be taking it easier this week on the running front on the run up to my Half Ironman at Bala on Sunday.

The good news though is that the Cervelo continues to amaze me. I'm getting into the swing of it now and it's all becoming second nature. The difference it has made to my cycling is huge and I'm confident that I can get close to the 5:45 I've set myself for the bike split in Austria.

Last blog's film quote was, of course, from CITIZEN KANE and as you all know... "Rosebud" was actually his...

... I'm sorry, I can't spoil it for you. If you haven't watched one of the greatest movies ever made you should be ashamed of yourself. Go hunt it down and watch.

Another classic movie this week and a quote particularly apt for some of us:

"A hobby should pass the time, not fill it."

Who was responsible for these words (and in what movie) and who - when you're doing as much training as we are - actually believes it?

A final photo this week of the aforementioned three girls in my life enjoying themselves in Portugal. From left, Alice, Fiona and Erin. It was also Alice's eleventh birthday during the week. Time flies by and you've got to grab that precious time with them whilst you can. Happy days.

GOOD LUCK this week to my Ironmates Helen Turton and Iain Parsons who are representing Great Britain at the World Championships in Vancouver. A great honour and I'm sure you'll do us proud.

CONGRATULATIONS to Gabriel and Iain who completed Ironman Lanzarote - the toughest of courses in the toughest of conditions.  Gabriel came home in 11 hours 10 mins after enduring a hard bike but still completing a sub 4 hour marathon.  Iain came in at 13:39 after blowing up spectacularly on the run.  Guys, even though you were both over  your target times - you're still gnarly, time-served IRONMEN.  Relax and kick back a bit.  (I guess that may be a bit tricky with Iain being in Vancouver at the world champs and Gabriel due to compete at Ironman Austria.)

Nice to be back with you all and - as ever - please don't hesitate to drop in and leave a message/comment if you've got the time.


runtilyoudrop said...

Looks like you are going well. Looking forward to watching you fly past me at IMA on your peatoo.

runtilyoudrop said...

oh yeah,, you need to book your slot for IM lanza before they sell out!!!!

You know you want to.

Mark said...

thanks for the comments Jev
looks like you are all set
and the new machine looks well cool
you better be fast or risk looking like a spoilt kiddy!
my window is 8-15 august
less than ten weeks now
someone will update the blog that day, but we will have a mobile onboard too for texts
will keep you posted
best wishes