Monday, June 09, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together...


We open on a triathlete. Handsome. Tanned. Frustrated. He's struggling with his inner demons - looking to get started on a piece of work which he knows could change his life...

You ever have one of those weeks when things just seem to go well?

No? Then you don't know what you're missing.

I've been wrestling with the hows, ifs, whys and so on of putting pen to paper - or rather fingers to keyboard - on a new film script for the longest time now. But I've never been able to commit to doing it. Too much clutter. Too much work on. Too much training. I'd kind of lost sight that not only can I write movies, but that I actually enjoy it. The whole process had become a spiral of self-induced difficulty.

However, thanks to some serious 'knuckling down' and de-cluttering of my mind, I've put myself in a position to begin... and things are flowing... and what do you know - I'm enjoying it. I'm not going to curse the project or test the limits of your blogging patience and dedication by summarising it for you but I'll keep you posted on its progress as I work through all the elements of creating these characters, the story and the events that shape their lives. See what I mean... it IS kind of fun - isn't it?

Summer is also here and the gardens are looking fantastic. All the work Fiona has done in her planting over the last couple of years is bearing fruit (sometimes literally)

This weeks top photo is from yesterday's event at the Bala Middle Distance Triathlon (known as half Ironman for some) held in Snowdonia in Wales. It's a relentless course of hills and more hills (although the lake is reasonably flat :-)) comprising a 2km swim, 82km bike and 20km run. It was a 'B' race for me, with my main (and only) 'A' race being Ironman Austria in under five weeks time. I raced with my Team MK teammates (from left) Martin Erasmus, Andy Jones, (myself) and Graham Mackie and was really pleased with my sub 5 hour time of 4:54:53 comprising:

Swim and T1: 38'25
Bike and T2: 2:37'06"
Run: 1:39'22"

The rest of the week was a build up to Bala so my training volume was down slightly on previous weeks, though I did undertake my first ever 10 mile TT on my Cervelo P2C. Needless to say, the beast didn't let me down and I knocked a full 1'30" off my PB, bringing it down to 24'25".

I like to think that it's something to do with the cyclist as well!

So -

Monday: 70 minutes tempo cycling
Tuesday: Rest due to nagging heel injury sustained through over running on holiday
Wednesday: 45 minutes 2.4km swim (800m reps), 2 hours 35 min bike at 20.5 mph average (53 miles), back to back run 35 minutes.
Thursday: 45 minutes open water swim 2km, 30 minutes bike set up for Bala.
Friday: 45 minutes bike including 10 mile TT at 24'25"
Saturday: 30 minutes bike, 15 minutes run as loosener for Bala
Sunday: 5 hours Bala Half Ironman

Total training this week - 12.83 hours

Last week's film quote was a tricky one:

"A hobby should pass the time, not fill it" was uttered by Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'. Too true, Normy baby, too true.

Here's one from one of the funniest movies ever (IMHO)
"A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile."

No IMDB but you can have a cryptic clue... 'The Big Wheel skips school'

Congrats to Helen and Iain for representing GB at the World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, to Mrs O'Neill for enduring 20 years of marriage with me - bloody hell that makes me feel old - and still supporting me in everything I do and finally... big and hearty steak-pie-sized congratulations to you, fair reader, for being my Bloggies...

The writer breathes a sigh of relief, turns off his computer, lights up a cigar and we...



runtilyoudrop said...
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runtilyoudrop said...

"Bueller?.... Bueller?..... Ferris Bueller?

Clue to easy for me!

You sound like you are gonna give me a run for my money. You must be flying!!!!

Jevon said...

You're right... too easy... or maybe we just like the same movies.

Feeling good but not in your class, matey!

Mark said...

great work at the mid distance Jev,
looks like all is coming together right on time, we are back to dover this weekend for more punishment in the harbour, hang in there, shouder seems to be 80 % repaired, thanks for the comments

best wishes


H said...

A de-cluttered mind is such a wonderful did you do it? I feel like we're never in the same place for long enough at the mo, grass def needs cutting (actually I'll re-phrase, ALWAYS needs cutting), house topsy turvy, washing machine a constant rumble... hey ho the life off the endurance athlete.

However, you're right on track J for what is going to be a fantastic day in and around Klagenfurt :) we can't wait.

H. x