Monday, August 18, 2008

Greetings from The Big Apple...

I'm writing this from my hotel in New York City. Fiona has repaired to bed for an afternoon nap following a visit out to Coney Island so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up.

We touched down at JFK Airport as an electrical storm shut the airport. We were held on the tarmac for an hour and then for a further three hours in the baggage reclaim as the handlers couldn't retrieve our bags. So not the best start then...

We've followed that up by three great days, visiting Little Italy, Chinatown, Soho, Greenwich Village. We've seen the Dali Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and checked out the lesser known Tenement Museum down in the Lower East Side. On Sunday we headed out to up and coming, Bohemian area, Williamsburg in Brooklyn for brunch and on Sunday night we dined in style at Cipriani's overlooking the main concourse of Grand Central Station. Saturday lunchtime saw us up on the roof terrace at the NY branch of my London club Soho House feeling like extras from an episode of Entourage.

Tonight we're meeting up at Smith and Wollensky's for a steak with my brother, Sean, who's in town for a couple of days on business.

So it's all good. But bloody tiring!

The girls seem to be having a great time in Florida, though how long that will hold with the impending hurricane due any moment is anyone's guess.

I'm going to try and put on a few photos taken from my iphone but, needless to say, I don't have the right cable to do that so I'll have to re access this blog from the i phone. Anything could happen. - Edited later - sorry, couldn't manage this so have to make do with generic NY shots !

How's my foot do I hear you asking? I did hear that, didn't I? Well, not too bad actually. Sore, yes... but not half as bad as it could have been. That said I've withdrawn from The Vitruvian and will re-commence light training on my return to Blighty.

I'm getting extremely frutstrated with not training, so much so that I had to strip off and plunge into the sea today at Coney Island and hammer out a 20 minute session. I feel much better for that but find myself absent mindedly pinching my arms and waist to see if excess skin is forming due to non-training. Do you think, perchance, I'm becoming obsessive?

Film quotes next week.

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