Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mea Culpa...

I know... I've not done a blog this week.

And I'm amazed how many of you have emailed me to:

a. chastise
b. check that I'm alive.

Actually I'm amazed and touched.

I'm also chastised.

And alive.

And normal service will be resumed next week.

I simply didn't want to write the blog this week. So I didn't.

Or did I?


Tom said...

hi mate,

thought we'd lost you for a minute there...


RobQ said...

Hey Jev - good to see the road bike back out! my P2 has also gone into storage not to be opened until TT season starts!

missed last weeks quote by a country mile! but DEF got this one. Will Smith in Independance Day. eeeeeeezy