Monday, October 06, 2008

There's something I have to tell you...

Quite a few things actually.

Firstly... I woke on Sunday morning, exchanged several 5 am texts with Colin and we both decided that we couldn't be bothered to haul ourselves out of bed and go to our final Tri of the season, The Bedford Sprint. I figured torrential rain, wind and a smattering of first time triathletes could make for an unhappily memorable end to what has been a great season.

So that's confession number one.

Number two is that I'm not doing my sit ups and press ups. I know... I know... I said I was going to. But I just stopped, alright. One day I was doing them and a week later I wasn't. I have no excuses. Guilty as charged.

Confession Three? I've ground to a halt on my screenplay. Can't move it forward at all. Suddenly it's making no sense and appears to be the biggest pile of poo ever committed to paper. That's the way it goes with my writing. The good news is that I've picked up a screenplay I wrote a year ago in a bit of a rush and am exploring a way to make it work. I'm very fertile on this subject at the moment and am hopeful that this will be something I can drive forward. Funny how it works but it's always been the same with me. I've a wall full of ideas and sometimes, if one can't go forward it's time to pick up another. Anyhow... I'll keep you posted.

So that's my True Confessions this week.

I've also entered the Luton Marathon in December as an attempt to keep in reasonable shape between now and Christmas so have started to up the mileage a little. I'll keep increasing for the next few weeks and would like to think I can run Luton in a steady 3:30 or so, even though I'm not in tip top shape. My foot and ankle are still sore from their injury but I'm hoping this will fade.

Training this week was pretty good:

Monday - 10km run
Tuesday - 750m open water swim (last of the season!)
Wednesday - 9 mile run
Thursday - 1 hour taking the kids at Team MK swim session
Friday - 11.5 mile run
Saturday - 2.5 hours mountain bike with Team MK
Sunday - 5km run

I'm still training how and when I like and enjoying its freedom - though it was bloody cold in that lake on Tuesday. Congratulations to Peter Wade who braved it with me for his first ever wetsuit swim. And yah, boo, sucks to Colin Bradley for wimping out after 50m, complaining that it was too cold.

Film Quote time... thought someone would have got this. Actually, he did (Jonathan Mulcahy) but didn't post it on the blog. The immortal 'negative waves' quote comes from DONALD SUTHERLAND in KELLY'S HEROES.

This week is all to do with cold weather...

"You like boats, but not the ocean. You go to a lake in the summer with your family up in the mountains. There's a long wooden dock and a boathouse with boards missing from the roof, and a place you used to crawl underneath to be alone. You're a sucker for French poetry and rhinestones. You're very generous. You're kind to strangers and children, and when you stand in the snow you look like an angel."

Nobody picked up the extra points last week either. "Mrs Roosevelt" was the original title of the song "Mrs Robinson" which Paul Simon had written about Eleanor Roosevelt (check the lyrics... "we'd like to know a little bit about you for our files" etc). When asked to write for THE GRADUATE, he changed the title and - Bada Bing - a classic was born.

All my good luck space this week is devoted to one man... stand up, Boothy. Mark Booth of Team MK qualified at Ironman UK this year for the Ironman World Championships after ten years of trying. He flew off to Kona on Saturday and will race this coming Saturday on 'The Big Island'.

Nobody deserves to be there more than this exceptional athlete and top bloke.

Good Luck, Boothy...


Tom said...

Totally echo your comments about Boothy mate... an inspiration to us all!

Might you join us in the TriTalk chatroom on Kona night?

T & H

Colin Bradley said...

It was 150 metres. And it was very, VERY cold....

Jevon said...

I'll do a deal with you at 100 metres...
Most certainly if I can fit it in with our engagement. I won't make it all night though... I'll be asleep before you can say 'non wetsuit swim'...

alexanders said...

"appears to be the biggest pile of poo ever committed to paper" made me laugh out loud!

I don't think it has no future but I agree when it stopped evolving it began to die. And after you've watched something die for a few weeks or months - crippled, whining and wanting more attention than it did when it was growing, you probably get a bit annoyed and wish it would just f*ck off!

I kept meaning to ask about the 100 sit ups for 100 days. I thought as you hadn't mentioned it, you'd probably secretly given up!

Anonymous said...

good news about Luton Jev - a nice easy 3.30 would bode well for a 3.45 in Frankfurt?

I think the quote is from Andy garcia in Things to do in Denver when you're dead? spoken to gabrielle anwars character?

it sounds like what he said to her in the bar anyway - smooth talking ramble!!

boat drinks!

rob q said...

that was me above as anon btw mate - still keen for an MK rideout in the new year?

Jevon said...

Hi Rob
yeah, that's what I'm thinking re: Luton. Fancy doing it with me?
Film quote is wrong I'm afraid... though a noble attempt....

Boat drinks? What are you blabberin on about man?
Did you get my email address by the way I sent it on Tri Talk...