Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Fast boys...

Damn the sleep fairy... she's put none of her magic dust in my eyes and, as a result, I'm unable to sleep. So I've risen at 0530 and, with nothing better to do, figured I'd craft a few words and upload them to you, dearest reader.

The title of today's post comes from Sunday when, after enjoying a relaxing 55 mile bike ride with my mate Ben G, we toddled off to Botolph Claydon to watch the BTTC (British Time Trial Championships). Set over a 3 x 10.2 mile loop, the course offered over 30 miles of country roads for the fastest riders in the country to push themselves to the limit. The main draw and eventual winner was one Bradley Wiggins who blew the field away and claimed the Time Trialists jersey that he intends to wear in next year's Tour de France. What a performance.

The day previous to this I'd once again taken to the roads on my Specialized road bike for a 65 mile bike ride with Graham. The two rides over the weekend meant that I've got back into long distance training and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, as a consequence I've triggered off more back problems and have an appointment with the chiropractor ahead of today's duathlon at Silverstone.

With work, I've been busy as the Mayor of Busy on National Busy Day. I've finished off my latest commercial which has involved two solid days of green screen editing. This is an exhausting process of compositing (or rather of an editor compositing) layers and layers of action onto a green screen to form the background to my subject in the ad. Long days in London but I revel in them and revel in the fact that I can work in shorts and a T shirt and earn a good living for something that was and still is a hobby and that I thoroughly enjoy. Not everyone is that lucky.

I have another production this week in Manchester and on Saturday I'll be traveling up to Blackpool for the 50th Anniversary Dinner of my first rugby club... Blackpool RUFC. They were golden and happy days at Blackpool and I can't wait to see and enjoy a drink with my old buddies from up there. I'll also be joined by my brother, Sean, and my dad.

My alarm has just gone off which means it's 0630 and time to wake the girls for school.

I doubt they will move as fast as Mr Wiggins so must leave you for another week.

Kia Kaha, peace and health.

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H said...

Life is grand Sir Jevonelly, aint it just grand :) x