Monday, September 21, 2009

Strange Days...

It's a strange time of year. The six months of intense training leading up to Ironman has long gone, as has the race itself. Yet the triathlon season still continues apace, albeit approaching the end of its year's life.

I have a couple of sprints left in the diary (at Roade on Sunday and at Bedford the following week) but try as I might I can't seem to get as enthusiastic about them or about the remainder of the season as I do for the first half of it.

I suppose it's inevitable given the amount of training and focus that goes into Ironman. I reach a point where I'm a lean, mean fitness machine and, from the day of the race onwards, I feel as if I'm simply losing fitness and putting on weight which, essentially, I am.

But I understand that there's no way I can keep up the intensity of those months and, even now, when I look back and think of what went into those days, I wonder where and how I found the time. But I did and I know I'll be doing it all again come January.

So what in the meantime? Well, last year I committed to December's Luton Marathon which gave me a focus through the autumn months and ensured that not too many of the proverbial and actual pies were consumed prior to Christmas. This year I'll be doing the same thing.

I'm training most days but not with any particular heart or focus at the moment and I guess that's a good thing... just ticking over. I've had an epiphany moment with my back recently which was finally clicked back into joint by my chiropractor, John. I'm pretty sure that I damaged my back not as previously thought - in the Iroman in July - but in May's week long training camp in Italy. My thoughts are that the Ironman simply damaged it more and I realise now that I've been in pain with the thing since May and have simply been masking it or adapting my posture to suit.

But hopefully that's behind me (no pun intended) now and I can focus on good posture and a ton of core work to build and strengthen the weakest part of my phsique.

I've tweaked my calf too - did the bugger on a run at the weekend but I think I got to it in time, stopped and turned back. The next few days will tell if the muscle has pulled but with mucho love and ice, things could be okay.

The girls are back at school and I miss having them around the place. Their infectious energy and fun lights up my life and every school year that rolls around is a reminder to me that one day in the not too distant future they will be gone. All the more reason to savour and maximise my time with them. Erin has started her GCSE courses this year and Alice has begun Year 8. Time is, indeed, flying.

Work has been very busy with shooting, editing and quoting for TV commercials. In a difficult economic climate we've had a decent enough year but I've been guilty of, once again, not finishing my writing project in time. So now I must focus on that at all costs.

Congratulations to my dad who took to the stage at The London Palladium this weekend to sing with his Gold Medal winning Barbershop Chorus. Fiona, myself and my mum went along to watch and, needless to say, were extremely proud.

Congratulations to Colin who fulfilled a long-cherished ambition of representing his country at the World Triathlon Championships on Australia's Gold Coast. His diary of the event and the time leading up to it can be found here.

My buddy Tom is back in training from today. Good luck in the six months or so ahead mate. No doubt we'll fit in some strong sessions together before your jaunt to Lanza. I know it's going to be another spectacular year.

Also, 'big up' to my brother Sean who managed to take time off from jetting around the world on business to run in the annual 'Dam to Dam' race in The Netherlands, posting a great time of 1:49. I construct my life to have time available to me to train pretty much as I like. Folk like Sean have no time at all to spare and their achievements are all the more remarkable for it. Keep it up, big fella.

And this week's photo? Just me, a year or so ago, drinking too much beer. Which is pretty much what I'm doing right now (well, not now of course, more like in the evenings). But all good things must pass and it won't be long before I'm back on the straight and narrow again!

I'm sure there's more to chat about and it's a pleasure being back with you again. Hope you're all well and happy. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.


Ironjack said...

A very timely piece of prose for me as we get closer to our tri season - and 109 days until my first Half. Already I'm wondering how I will stay in shape, and stay motivated after that for my first full Ironman the year after. Some great food for thought here for me, thanks! Enjoy the beer and the pie - all good things in moderation right?! Jack.

Colin Bradley said...

Big up to the O'Neills who, by the sounds of it, had a great weekend around the globe. Be careful with that leg, matey, you've got a few big races ahead of you next year!

H said...

No mans land Jev, that's where we are... it's not been that long since the race season and not quite close enough to Winter to start the hamster wheel again, so enjoy the bimbling, the bumbling and the beer because as you know it all comes round way too fast!
Big ups to your pa and love to the girls.

Hel xxx

Tom said...

Nice post mate... hope we do get those training sessions in.