Monday, November 12, 2007

If only it could help me with my training...

Yes... succumbed to the hype and bought myself an i phone on Friday. In my defence I must say that I run Macs and have done for some time. That said I already have a perfectly good mobile phone and... yes... I'm a tart for gadgets.

Anyway. I reached a line in the sand last Saturday night. Figuratively speaking of course. There I was at the bonfire party, guzzling beer, eating food and... in an instant... I knew it couldn't go on. Now was the time to get back training.

Strange how you know. I remember studying 'the point of elasticity' principle in physics as a kid. You know the thing. When an object goes past the point to which it can return by its own devices (I paraphrase of course). That's me. Any more beer or pies without serious training and it'll be seriously tough to get back to full fitness.

So... off I went. The following Sunday I rode 38 miles. Monday saw a 1.5km swim and setting up of the turbo for winter (quite a bloody faff !! - is it the same for everyone?). Tuesday was an hour on the turbo (ten minutes tempo, 5 minutes hard, four times) plus a trip to Anfield to see the mighty reds beat Besiktas 8-0! Wednesday saw a 2km swim and 35 minutes turbo, Thursday another 2km swim and 45 minutes turbo. Friday... yes you guessed it, a 2km swim and an hour on the turbo. Saturday was a 50 mile bike ride with Dave (my mate who also completed IMA 2007) and Sunday was just an hour on the bike taking it easy with an 18 mile ride.

A good week and I feel back in business.

Focussed and sharper. Strong on the bike. Must keep working on this. I will. Dave - who's also a sports physio - gave me a good couple of massages on my troublesome left calf. I'm not going to run at all until December. So biking only until then. Also... no, I haven't changed from Will - just worked out easier with Dave on this occasion. I'll be back to see Will soon to start my injury prevention regime for IMA 2008!! (If I can get a booking!)

More soon.


Tom said...

Great to see you back in the flow mate!!

I feel the same and am seriously on the limit of the point of no return... this morning I only just got my jeans done up and having raced IMCH at about 68kgs expect to see around 76 when I finally get back on the scales later this week!!!

Train safe,


Jevon said...

Tom... somehow I don't think your crisis point will be the same as mine !!! Feel good here though. Can't wait to start running.