Monday, November 19, 2007

The Reality Sets In

Second week back in serious training and have begun to gradually up my bike mileage on the long ride. And it's become obvious that it's gonna be a long winter as I grind out the training that will allow me to hit my IMA bike target in July. Still we're up and riding and my trusty Specialized Allez Comp - an example of which is pictured - (3,000 miles in a year of ownership) is going well.

I'm still not running and have no plans to this month. My calf shows no signs of problems, but then again it never has until I go out and run on the bloody thing. Must get another massage from Dave and book in for an MOT with Will now I've started out 'real' training again.

So it's been swimming and biking again this week. Swam 8,000 metres in total in four morning sessions. I've been breaking the sessions up and, instead of swimming 5 x 400m have been doing 10 x 200m of varying paces... breathing left, breathing right, with and without pool buoy etc. It's going well.

Biking is good too. Had two one hour sessions at Monday and Wednesday and knocked off around 18 miles in each of them. Saturday saw a 60 mile ride which got touch towards the end, coming back home against the wind. I'll have my cycling legs back in no time though.

Busy couple of weeks coming up but am keen to keep focussed and stay in training.


Andy Thorpe said...

Top blog Jevon. Glad to hear you're not letting ebola (or work)get in the way of training. Just got to sort out the directing now! Charity for effort?


Jevon said...

Hey Andy... thanks for visiting. No charity for effort as I decided to do this for me and not pester everyone each time I do these things. J.