Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Important Things...

Last week was good.

Damn good.

Training is back underway in a proper fashion (although this week will be a little lighter due to work commitments) and, although I'm not running yet, swim and bike continue to go well.

I trained for a total of ten and a half hours this week which is more like the old days. This broke down into 4 x 45 minutes of swimming - each time doing 2km based on various different reps - 3 x 1 hour turbo sessions on the bike, a half hour turbo bike session and a long, relaxed but bloody cold 60 mile, 4 hour bike on the Saturday.

Went out with Dave and Coach Kleanthous or MarkyMark to his mates on Saturday. Mark tells me I'm back training from December 1st. Under his guidance once again, I shall soar to the dizzy heights of IronMan superfitness.

Although to start running would be good.

Anyway... my photo this week is of my youngest daughter, Alice. After tons of prep work and practice, we heard on Friday that she'd passed her eleven plus exam. Like training, you get what you work for.

Well done, Alice. I love you.

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