Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Better to Burn Out...

... Than to Fade Away...

So... I've been a lucky lad when it comes to seeing the bands and artistes I've always admired. Managed, over the years, to see Elton John, Queen, Springsteen, Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Buzzcocks and many, many more. Hell, I even saw Pink Floyd put up their wall for the very first time at Earls Court in 1980. But I've been waiting to catch Neil Young for as long as I can remember. Found out on Saturday he's playing five nights in London, two in Birmingham and one in Edinburgh next year. Managed to snag tickets for the Saturday night show - all now sold out, of course.

So the motto is... all good things come to those who wait.

Speaking of waiting... I've been waiting for this damned calf to heal and it seems as if I've finally turned the corner. I'm running with some regularity now but am under strict instructions from coach Mark to keep it to 50 mins or under until after xmas. The return to running has had a knock on effect on my back and lower legs as the impact is something my body needs to get used to.

I've had back and shoulder problems which have restricted cycling and swimming but hopefully I've turned the corner. These issues, combined with being ferociously busy on the work front have meant that I've struggled with training recently. But, as I've now delayed my full training return until the beginning of the new year, I'm happy just cracking on as best I can.

Longest bike has been 36 miles with plenty of turbo sessions. Today I did a 20 mile bike and 5 mile run back to back so feel like I'm returning to fitness. Swimming re-commences tomorrow.

I'm reading my friends Tom and Helen's blog (look for the link on this page) and doing my best to come to terms with the fact that these guys are elite athletes now and I shouldn't be trying to compete with them... merely enjoying the ride with them. Well done guys. Keep it up and don't burn out.

Congratulations also on your engagement. Happy days.

Congratulations also to my friend Jason Bulley, who has secured his place in The Marathon des Sables 2010. There was some talk of me joining him but I have to be honest and say that it wasn't 'calling' me in the way that IronMan has.

What is calling me? Well, again I have to be honest and tell you that there's the seed of something growing inside me.

Part of me would like to explore the possibility of swimming the Channel.

There... I've said it.

Bloody hell.


Mark said...

Hi Jevon
thanks for the comments on my blog it is rather spooky that we finished in similar times and now the channel is tempting you too. Use the link on my blog to email me and I will tell you a little more...happy training Mark

Tom said...


Exciting times all round! Swimming the channel? Now THAT would be something special. Anything H and I could do to help? We'd love to be part of the support crew on the day ;)

Don't lose focus of your current goal though! People often move on to the next stage in their life without mastering the one they're working on, a sure fire way to never quite reach their dreams. Sub 11 at IMA is it? Don't worry about the training I didn't start going for it until January for IMCH07 or IMA06, there's plenty of time.

Not sure about 'Elite'... give me another year, I've not taken down any pros just yet ;)

Take care and have a great Christmas,


Jevon said...

Hey Tom
Don't worry... will be really focussed on becoming 'sub eleven Jevon' this July. The Channel is something that's been nibbling away at me and is no more than the kernel of an idea at the moment. I'm going to incorporate some long swimming to my training in spring and see how I go. Maybe enter the Lake Windermere swim in September (10.5 miles). By then I'll have a good idea whether it's feasible !!
Have a great xmas yourself and keep at it.