Monday, December 01, 2008

Feelin' Large

This is me following a training run at the weekend.

Well, not really but you get the picture. I've had three days now of eating... a business meal on Friday, dinner on Saturday night and family Sunday lunch at my brother in law's and, combined with the sort-of-mini-taper-thing that's happening before my marathon in Luton next Sunday, I'm starting to feel slightly lardy. Of course this is the way tapers work but it's not great and it feels strange to be feeling like this in winter instead of summer time prior to Ironman.

Still, the hard work of five or six weeks marathon prep is behind me and I'm glad I've done it whilst keeping things ticking over in the swim and bike departments. Watch next week's blog for progress.

Training this week was

Monday 11.2 mile run at 7:25 minute miles
Tuesday 45 minute swim drills
Wednesday 50 minute easy spin cycle, 10 minute run off the bike
Thursday 10km easy run, 1 hour swim with Team MK
Friday Easy 10km run
Saturday Steady 10km run with Colin
Sunday Day off

Not much this week... bit of swimming, bit of running, bit of biking before Sunday. Lots of sleep.

I'd like to share a poem with you this week. It's written by my youngest daughter, Alice (11) and it's about her sister, Erin (14). It kind of made my heart sing and its discovery was one of those moments that you become a parent for... (all alignment and punctuation by the author!)

A teenage girl,
Just like the wind,
Howling, shouting cooking up a storm,
Yet such a light breeze on a summer's day.
She moves as quickly as the breeze,
Soft speaking whilst gently running across
The moist grass,
Bobbing her head to music like a
Swaying in the wind.

Frankly, when eleven year olds write like that, who cares if they struggle a bit with maths.

Last week's film quote was spoken by STEVE BUSCEMI as MR PINK in RESERVOIR DOGS and was correctly identified by Carl. Duncan grumbled to me on Saturday night that he can never get the film quote and accused the Blog-ites of cheating. 'They used to', I replied, 'but that kind of behaviour is no longer tolerated and they know they must answer from memory rather than use the internet'. Dunc grumbled on about them being too hard but frankly, it's his fault for not watching enough quality entertainment.

Have a bash at this week's...

"A relationship, I think, is like a shark. You know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark."

I had lunch with my agent last week at our favourite haunt of YO SUSHI in London's Poland Street. As ever, after a meeting with Agent Sean (so named to differentiate from Brother Sean) I'm re-incentivised and have promised him a full outline of my script before christmas. So I must leave you now with one of my favourite quotations.

"I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" - Robert Frost.


Colin Bradley said...

Jev, when did you get that picture of Alex taken?

Haven't got a clue about the film quote without cheating.

Tom said...

Hi mate,

Great blog and fantastic poem by Alice :)

I would wish you good luck for the weekend but a) I don't believe in luck and b) even if I did you wouldn't need it!!

Have a brilliant race and finish off an amazing year in the style to which it's become accustomed ;)


p.s. Any chance of a weekly clue to go along with the weekly quote?

RobQ said...

good luck on the w/e Jev. Go out and test the engine.

no idea on the quote - agree with Tom, a midweek clue would help!