Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Night Fever...

I've been something of a Night Owl recently and it's set me thinking about the way I'm going to operate next year in certain aspects of my life.

Firstly, to the big occurrence of the week, the 25th anniversary reunion of The Log Cabin, our infamous Manchester University home. From left you'll see myself and my great mates Mark Goodson, Andy Fulbrook, Jim Doyle and Dan Moore. I spent three of the happiest years of my life with these guys, experiencing things I wouldn't dare tell you in person, let alone publish on a blog. We've remained great friends ever since, not meeting as much as we should - like many friendships - but always slotting back into place the moment we reconvene. We were joined for a day of ale and festivities in Soho by our old university mucker Dick Durrant who proved that he still can't play fizzbuzz. We started with lunch at Soho House and made our way up to the armchairs of said establishment, leaving around 8pm as we were in danger of falling asleep. The photo catches us outside The Dog and Duck in Soho, where several more 'nightcaps' were consumed before we wended our ways home.

Great to see you, boys...

More night work this week as I've been hammering away at my film script. Actually I'm not at the script stage yet but you may remember I (foolishly) promised Agent Sean a treatment (or narrative outline of the film's story) before Christmas. I found my work during the day was prone to disruption but when I came up to the office at night, I was much more efficient. It's made me consider factoring in a late night writing session to my work regime next year.

Something else I've also been considering is whether to continue with my coach, Mark K. Mark's been extremely valuable to me over the last two years and we've made a great team. He's starting to get busy with clients, however and a price rise made me consider the validity of my having a coach.

I'm pleased to say that I've come down on the side of staying with Mark for the next year. Ironman is a lonely world and the experience and 'shoulder' of a friendly coach is a valuable commodity.

Mark... I 'm looking forward to another year in the saddle !

We're hear at Old Thatch this Christmas and shall have thirteen for lunch on Christmas Day. Our Turkey has arrived today from the free range luxury of Kelly Bronze. Suffice to say it cost almost as much as Tom and Helen's cabana!!!!

Training has been strong again this week. I've done a couple of swim session, some 10k runs and several bike rides of 20 - 30 miles. With only a week or so to go, I'm delighted that I'm weighing in at 91 kg, just under my target weight and over a stone or 6.5kg than I was weighing at this time last year. I have to think that the benefits of not having to lose a stone in weight through training will give me a flying start in January.

But there's still a week to go so I really need to keep the discipline this week.

Last week's film quote was spoken by JAMES STEWART as GEORGE BAILEY in the perennial Christmas favourite... IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

A nice easy one for you this week:

"If we're all ready on the Dark Side of the Moon... play the five tones."

Name of the film only will do just dandy thank you.

So... congratulations to you all, for all you've achieved this year. Thank you for being with me on my blog journey and I look forward to your company in the weeks ahead. I may well take a week off from blogging next week so may well talk to you next in 2009.

In the meantime, have a most festive Christmas with your friends and family.

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Colin Bradley said...

You've had a great year mate, and long may your success continue.

Roll on IMDE (or should I say IMDB - as a place to assist with all those damn film quotes?!?!).