Thursday, September 14, 2006

Will - Knee Injury

Hey, Will
I'm going to drop that knee information in. Meantime, I can be a little more specific about the knee.

What seems to be happening is that I notice the jarring pain when the leg is tired. It was very apparent on Sunday's long run after Saturday's long bike and both on Tuesday and Wednesday when my legs would have been tired after swimming and cycling respectively.

The feeling is that the brain can't adjust the leg to the sudden change in any ground height. This is particularly apparent when off-road, for obvious reasons (the ground height varies a lot more) but also when on road... dropping up or down from kerbs, hitting a hill etc.

Sometimes when I'm going up hill there's a pain in an area which appears to be above or behind my patella but that can ease once I'm into my stride.

I think also that the leg is "turning" slightly. When I can remember to I adjust my running style so that my right foot lands parallel with my left. Obviously it should do this naturally, but tends to "wander" outwards when the leg is "tired".

I think I need to keep up the strengthening exercises and any others we might think of.

I'll get Roade tri done (Sunday 24th) and try to see you the following week.

Good news is that the groin pain appears to be subsiding and is now reduced to a dull ache following extensive exercise. I am, of course, icing and treating it as we discussed.



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