Thursday, September 14, 2006

Training Friday 8th September - Thursday 14th September

Friday 8th - First Back2Back session. 1 hour bike followed by 20 minute run. Felt good and ran sub 7 minute miles for 3.5 miles.
Saturday 9th - 2 hour Long Bike. 36 miles through country roads. Used higher wheel and increased leg resistance.
Sunday 10th - 90 minute run off road through Beacons. Hot and hard. Legs felt dead. Toughed it out.
Monday 11th - 45 minute swim (usual drills and distances). 70 minute bike.
Tuesday 12th - Back2Back, 45 minute swim (usual drills and distances) followed by 45 minute road run. Felt good and strong. Tri suit also felt good on first time use in pool.
Wednesday 13th - 45 minute bike. High cadence, small ring. 1 hr 25 mins off road run with Tring Running Club.
Thursday 14th - Day Off.

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