Thursday, September 07, 2006

Training Schedule Friday 31st August - Thursday 7th September

Friday 31st - 80 minutes early morning cycle. Sports injury meet with Will. Groin manipulation and knee remedial work.
Saturday 1st - 45 minute swim session comprising 100m warm up, drills as per Mark Kleanthous, 400m warm down in 8'34"
Sunday 2nd - Ran the 10k stage of the Northampton Triathlon (Olympic Distance). Our team won the team event. 10k time of 38'41". Iced groin immediately after exercise.
Monday 3rd - 45 minute swim session, 100m warm up, drills, 300m warm down. 65 minute bike ride plus transition coaching session with Mark K. Again, iced groin and elevated knee.
Tuesday 4th - 45 minute swim session as above. 17 mile run in the evening to cover this weeks long run for Amsterdam Marathon (Oct 15th). Knee sore but tolerable. Ice bath immediately after.
Weds 5th - 45 minute bike session. 7 mile off road run with Tring Running Club. Iced groin and knee immediately after exercise.
Thurs 6th - Rest day. Groin seems much improved compared with last week.

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