Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Been a While But I'm Still Here - Training up to and Including Saturday October 14th

Ola one and all. Been mad busy since the last post, shooting commercials around the UK so have had to adapt my training schedule quite dramatically. Swimming access has been difficult and I've been using my old mountain bike when away which I've loaded into the back of the car. Still... am feeling fit and keeping going...

Monday 25th Sept - Nothing following Roade Tri
Tuesday 26th Sept - 45 minute run
Weds 27th Sept - 60 minute run with Tring Running Club
Thurs 28th Sept - 90 minutes bike
Friday 29th Sept - Rest day
Saturday 30th Sept - 30 mins swim, 30 mins bike, 30 mins run
Sunday 1st October - 3 hours long run

Monday 2nd October - 45 minutes bike, 45 minutes run
Tuesday 3rd Oct - 45 minutes bike, 45 minutes run
Weds 4th Oct - 45 minutes bike
Thurs 5th Oct - Rest Day
Fri 6th Oct - 30 minute bike, 15 minute run (Back2Back)
Saturday 7th Oct - 2000metre swim (42 Mins, 80 laps of pool), 40 mins 10k run
Sunday 8th Oct - 1hr 40 mins bike ride


Mon 9th Oct - 15 mins run
Tues 10th Oct - 15 mins run
Weds 11th Oct - rest day
Thurs 12th Oct - 20 mins run
Fri 13th Oct - 15 mins run
Sat 14th Oct - rest day prior to Marathon


Pete E said...

Great to see your training schedule, but no acknowledgement of your long sufferring training partner on Sun 8th Oct !!!!! - Perhaps something to do with being blown away by JO'N uphill, downhill and on the flat - Keep it up big man

Jevon said...

Just wait until we do the long distances. I'm sure the tables will be returned and it will be JO'N in the slipstream of Lance Ellis...