Monday, May 14, 2007

New Forest Triathlon

So... my first real triathlon (excluding a spring last year). Really enjoyed it despite filthy weather and a tough course. Here are plus and minus points:


Slower than I thought but felt comfortable throughout (1.1k). Coped well with the mass start and wasn't phased by jostling etc.

Transition 1

Took this slow but still forgot to put on my Garmin !! Will need to speed this up for shorter tri's but for IronMan the kind of time I took will be okay.


Very positive. The strongest part of my day. Felt fast and in control. Comfortable throughout. Used the tri bars more than ever before - get more comfortable on them day by day. Used gears well and passed many more than passed me. Visibility very difficult in my glassess which were steaming up and covered in rain. Coped okay though.

Transition 2

The easiest transition. No real problems but could do with elastic laces in my running shoes.


Suffered on this due to my glute/hip problem - see separate post. Without this problem I felt comfortable and in control of my run. Cruising really and could go faster but wanted to keep it at Iron Man pace.


Comfortable Tri experience with many positives.

Most positive experience - strength on the bike
Most negative experience - recurring problem in hip/glute
Thing I need to work on most - taking on nutrition on the bike. This is a weak point that needs my attention. I become carried away in working the bike and neglect nutrition. Okay in an olympic distance but could be disastrous in IronMan.

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Colin said...

Well done with the race, Jev, and for completing your first Olly distance under the magical 2:30 time! Sounds like you enjoyed it, despite the weather, although the run problems don't sound good.

Agree that you can get away with nutrition deficiences in an Olympic distance but at IM distance it is a totally different matter. Get it sorted boyo or all that training will be in vain.