Monday, November 06, 2006

Will - Groin injury

Hey Will
I'm narrowing this groin problem down to the cycling discipline. It's when I most notice it... strike that... it's the only time I notice it... primarily when I am at the high poing of my right leg rotation - the last quarter of bringing up the leg and the push down... that seems to be the key to when it's happening and giving me pain. It doesn't cause me pain in my swimming or my running.
It's nowhere near as bad as it was but, like we said the other day, it's returned...
Let me know how you want to progress.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jevon,

Apologies for the late reply, I've been having serious problems with my email so hadn't realised you'd left me a note.

As far as your groin injury goes, the best course of management you can adopt is the continuing ice treatment after the aggrevating activity i.e. cycling. Also have a go at frictioning the area like I do when you are here, (find the painful tendon and rub across it for 2/3mins) Next time you are in I will have a look further at how your muscles are working together, and we can talk about how this relates to your cycling.

You have also mentioned briefly in your blog that an achilles injury is holding you back from training! If its stopping you training we need to sort this out!

I hope this helps if you want to chat further just give me a call!