Monday, November 13, 2006

Training Mon 5th November - Sunday 12th November

Running curtailed this week due to achilles injury...

Mon 6th - 45 mins swim, 45 mins bike
Tues 7th - 45 mins swim, 45 mins run
Weds 8th - 45 mins bike, 45 mins run
Thurs 9th - day off
Fri 10th - 33 min swim (1.6 km)
Sat 11th - 60 min bike
Sun 12th - 60 min swim (speed splits)


andy fulbrook said...

I have been suffering achilles tendonitis for the past 15 months, have made it bearable with using a heel pad when running.
quite often can run for hour plus but two hours late am hobbling around in pain
I find it comes on most when runing fast ( well trying to !!)normally wearing racing flats or spikes.
Usual treatment, Ice and rest to start with and antiflame cream

Jevon said...

Interesting. Mine flares up every couple of years or so. I noticed it when running Amsterdam but kept running for a couple of weeks afterwards. Having the swim and bike means I can rest it and still train which is good. Think I'll run this w'e and check it out.