Monday, November 06, 2006

Training Mon 30th October - Sunday 5th November

Monday 30th - 45 mins swim, 45 mins bike
Tuesday 31st - 30 mins swim, 45 mins run
Weds 1st Nov - 45 mins run
Thurs 2nd - DAY OFF
Fri 3rd - BACK2BACK - 45 mins swim, 15 mins run, 60 mins bike
Sat 4th - 90 mins bike
Sun 5th - 90 mins run


Anonymous said...

Are you using an indoor windtrainer for cycling ?
I have found the indoor trainer and a heart rate monitor invaluable.
There is a great little book by Peter Read-

Advanced Turbo Training-in conjunction with a Heart rate monitor
The session I use alot is a
10min warm up
5 min to get Hr to 80% of max
40 at 80% cadence around 100rpm adjusting gearing to keep heart rate at this level
5 min warm down
total session 1hour

I train for standard course tris and duathlons, but can adapt for longer bike

I also used the trainer to do bike run bricks


Jevon said...

Going to pick up a turbo trainer for the bike. I'll look at the book you recommend What's "bike run bricks"?

andy fulbrook said...

Bricks - bike followed by a run
Can also be more than one
say 15min bike 10 min run times 2

I used to use the trainer 40 min then straight to a run 20-20 min
for the longer events - increase the time !!

Jevon said...

Gotcha. Will try some bricks !!! cheers.