Monday, March 19, 2007

112 mile bike ride

Set out on Saturday morning at 0630 with the aim of completing 100 miles in the saddle - my previous long distance was 85 miles.

Despite windy conditions and the loneliness of the long distance cyclist, I got through 100 miles in 5 hrs and 39 mins (including all stops, traffic lights, junctions etc) which I was really pleased with. Rounded it off to 112 miles (IronMan distance) in 6 hrs 19 mins.

Very satisfied. Felt good but a bloody long time to be in the saddle !

Got my nutrition pretty much right on. Got through a power bar every hour plus around 450 ml of fluid. Will almost certainly need slightly more than that on race day but it's given me a good indication of what I need to achieve !

Think I'll be faster in summer, in a race environment on roads closed to traffic and (hopefully) wind free.

We shall see !!!

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