Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hit and Run

Well... it happened and I lived to tell the tale.

Tuesday 27th March - I was out on my bike in Little Gaddesden and was deliberately hit and knocked over by a car from behind. A witness said they saw them readying to push me over then the car swung to the left and side swiped me as it passed.

I crashed inwards, into the road and fortunately the car behind was able to stop. Injuries are a badly gashed elbow, and various contusions and swellings on my right leg and knee.

Could have been a gonner.

What can you say about someone who does that (they speeded off into the distance, cheering). Nothing really. Just thank goodness your alive, okay and hope to resume IM training at the earliest opportunity.

Bike is in Phil Corley cycles in intensive care. Will report back on its condition.

Hey ho...


Bronzie said...


That is truly shocking news…………….I find it hard to believe that these morons find it “funny” to do this sort of thing…………in my view it is attempted murder to deliberately knock someone off their bike and it should be treated accordingly by the police.

Did anyone manage to get the car registration? What attitude have the police taken?

Glad to hear that you didn’t suffer any major injuries, but I can’t even begin to imagine how shocked you must be.

I’d like to try and re-assure you that this sort of thing is rare. I’ve been riding for 20 years and have never had an incident with a vehicle that has caused me to come off. But I fear that this sort of thing now passes as an “Urban Sport” by some of youth of this country – have you seen that stupid show “Balls of Steel” on C4 on Friday nights where a guy goes around pulling stupid stunts along these lines – throwing hamburgers at people on the pavement from his car’s sunroof – and they pass this off as “entertainment”.

Rant over!

All the best and hope you are back in full training soon - Richard

Andy Fulbrook said...

Glad to hear you are okay
any chance of catching the driver ?

Hope training resumes shortly