Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Training Monday 8th Jan - Sunday 14th Jan

Can't run at the moment due to achilles injury. Sporadic bike due to weather and lack of turbo trainer!

Mon Jan 8th - 60 mins swim (2.4 km)
Tues Jan 9th - 60 mins swim (1.8 km)
Weds Jan 10th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY XXXX - 60 mins swim (2 km), 60 mins bike (TT)
Thurs Jan 11th - 60 mins swim (2 km), 60 mins bike (TT)
Fri Jan 12th - Day Off
Sat Jan 13th - 2 hrs 40 mins bike (67.2km), 20 mins run - BACK2BACK
Sun Jan 14th - 45 mins bike (16km) , 70 mins swim (3km)

Swim - 5 hrs 10 mins swim, 11.2 km)
Bike - 5 hrs 25 mins bike, (73.2 km plus 2 hrs turbo at approx 32km ph = 137 km)
Run - 20 mins (approx 5k)

Run v. gentle due to ongoing achilles injury

10 hrs 55 mins total training


Anonymous said...

Jevon - sorry to hear about the inquiry, how bad is it? Temporary set back or what. The new toy sounds fun, i'll be round for a test ride when it's up and rolling as i'm thinking of getting something similar.

I'll leave it there due to my lack of success in posting my ponderings

Take it easy


Jevon said...

Hi mate. Injury is okay. It flares up from time to time. Had a week off running already and possibly another to come. Hopefully that will sort it. Am doing plenty of swimming and have fixed up my turbo trainer so can bike in all weather.

So... if you can post as 'anonymous' you must be able to post as Duncan.

Kathy said...

Dude. Just browsing- but I know youve got an ipod if youre training for the ironman-


one word- awesome -kathy

Jevon said...

Hey Kathy. thanks for dropping in. Yeah. Have an i pod and sleep soundly at night.