Thursday, January 25, 2007

Slightly Glum

Just a bit fed up of having this back pain and achilles nagging. Feel like I'm battling all the time. Am going to religiously incorporate stretching into my deily regime, along with the core work (both of which have long been recommended by Will but I've managed to avoid doing). I want to shake off this physical malaise which is curtailing my training. Light week this week due to this.


Daddy said...

As we said earlier in the week, your 'bonk' on the eighty mile ride was caused by lack of sustenance. You should have eaten food before you got to the exhausted stage. You should take a little food after every few miles - whether you feel like it or not. Think of driving a 'manual' car up a hill, you don't wait until the engine has juddered to stop do you? No, you change gear before that stage in order to keep the momentum going. This is what you must do when expelling energy over a prolonged period of time. A little food ie energy, before your store is completely empty. Do NOT wait until you feel hungry - you never will while cycling because the muscles prioritise over the stomach.

25th Jan ..... don''t feel glum - or guilty - at taking an easier few days. It's very easy for the mind to become bored whilst doing a repetitive action - ie turning pedals! Take an easy week once in a while, you will return physically and mentally refreshed. Eighty miles at this stage is a fantastic improvement. Don't push it by trying to repeat it too soon. Make your next long ride around fifty miles and you'll come away from that thinking just how easy it was and the back-ache will not be such a problem. I am of the opinion that riding through pain in training is not such a good thing; in competition it is a different matter.... the pain then has to be overcome in order to succeed. Training has to be a pleasure via achievement.

Andy said...

Daddy makes some good points.
There is alot to be said for the 10% increase per week.It may sound a small increase but soon mounts up over the weeks.
This period of training is base endurance work and whilst it may become a bit tedious it is important to keep enthused.

Jevon said...

Sound advice from you both. Am off on a 100k hilly ride tomorrow with a local cycling club. Will report back on my progress.

Bought my energy bars today !!!